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Photo of Hawke, Robert

Hawke, Robert

Period of Service: 11/03/1983 to 20/12/1991

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Release Date: 16/02/1987

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 7119

FOR MEDIA 16 February 1987
At a meeting of the Federal ALP Caucus this afternoon, Senator
Kerry Sibraa was chosen as the Government's candidate for the
Presidency the Senate. This follows the resignation last
month of Senator the Hon Douglas McClelland. The Senate is
expected to elect its new President tomorrow, 17 February.
I pay tribute-to Senator McClelland, an outstanding President
whose tenure was marked by good humour, unfailing commonsense and
impartiality. He takes with him the respect and good wishes of
all political parties.
I announced last Thursday that Senator the Hon Don Grimes had
submitted his resignation as minister for Community Services and
at that time : conveyed the Government's appreciation for his
great service. I propose to recommend to the Governor-General
that the resic'nation be accepted later today, and at the same
time will be recommending minor changes to the Ministry.
The vacancy in the M:.. nistry caused by the resignation of Senator
Grimes is, in accordance with Caucus' vote, to be filled by
Senator Michael Tate. I have decided to recommend that Senator
Tate be appointed as Special Minister of State. The Hon Michael
3 Young MP, will become Minister for Immigration and Ethnic
Affairs and minister assisting me for multicultural affairs, and
the Hon Chris Hurford MP, will be appointed as Minister for
Community Services.
As a consequence of Senator Grimes' resignation from the
ministry, the position of Deputy Leader of the Government in the
Senate also became vacant. The Caucus has today elected Senator
the Hon Gareth Evans QC, to that office. Senator Evans will also
be manager oE Government Business in the Senate.

* Prime Minister
* Deputy Prime Minister,
Attorney-General, Minister
Assisting the Prim. Minister
for Commonwealth-State
Relations and vice-President
of the Executive Council
* Leader of the Goverrnent in
the Senate and Minister for
Industry, Technology and
* Deputy Leader of thn
Government and Manager of
Government Business in the
Senate, Minister for
Resources and Energy Minister
Assisting the Primr Minister
and Minister Assisting the
Foreign Minister
* Minister for EmployrT. nt and
Industrial Relations and
Minister Assisting the Prime
Minister for Public Service
Industrial Matters
* Tceasurer
* Minister for Irimdgration and
Ethnic Affairs, Leader of the
House and Minister Assisting the
Prime Minister for Vulticultural
* Minister for Finance and
Minister Assisting the Prime
Minister for Public Service
* Minister for Foreign Affairs
* Minister for Educaticn and
Minister Assisting the Prime
Minister on the Status of Women
* Minister for Trade and
Minister Assisting the Prime
Minister for Youth Affairs
* Minister for Primary Industry
* Minister for Housing
and Construction
* Minister for Defence
* Minister for Community
Services and Minister
Assisting the Treasurer
* Minister for Social Security
Minister for Transport and
Minister for Aviation
Minister for Sport,
Recreation and Tourism and
Minister Assisting the
Minister for Defence
Minister for Health The Hon. R. J. L. Hawke, AC, MP
The Hon. Lionel Bowen, MP
Senator the Hon. John Button
Senator the Hon. Gareth Evans, QC
The Hon. Ralph Willis, MP
The Hon. P. J. Keating, MP
The Hon. Michael J. Young, MP
Senator the Hon. Peter Walsh
The Hon. Bill Hayden, MP
Senator the Hon. Susan Ryan
The Hon. J. S. Dawkins, MP
The Hon. John Kerin, MP
The Hon. Stewart West, MP
The Hon. Kim C. Beazley, MP
The Hon. Chris Hurford, MP
The Hon. Brian Howe, HP
The Hon. Peter Morris, MP
The Hon. John Brown, MP Representation in other Chamber
Senator Button
Senator Evans
Mr Jones
Mr Jones
Senator Walsh
Senator Walsh
Senator Evans
Mr Hurford
Mr Willis
Senator Evans
Mr Dawkins
Senator Button
Senator Walsh
Senator Ryan
Senator Evans
Senator Tate
Senator Tate
Senator Gietzelt
Senator Ryan
The Hon. Neal Blewett, MPSenator Tate

Minister for Science and
Minister Assisting the
Minister for Industry,
Technology Commerce
Minister for Territories
Minister for Communications
and Minister Assisting the
Minister for Defence
Minister for Arts, eKritage
and Environment and Minister
Assisting the Prime Minister
for the Bicentennial
Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
and Minister Assisting the
Minister for Immigration and
Ethnic Affairs
Minister for Veterans' Affairs
Minister for Local Government
and Administrative Services
Special Minister of State
Minister in the Cabinet The Hon. Barry 0. Jones, MP
The Hon. Gordon Scholes, MP
The Hon. Michael Duffy, MP
The Hon. Barry Cohen, MP
The Hon. A. C. Holding, MP
Senator the Hon. A. T. Gietzelt
The Hon. Tom Uren, MP
Senator Michael Tate Senator Button
Senator Gietzelt
Senator Walsh
Senator Ryan
Senator Ryan
Mr Holding
Senator Gietzelt
Mr Young
t 4

Transcript 7119