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Alternatively, you can access the full content of a release via XML by passing a query string of the transcript ID:

For example: will return:

        <title>P.M.NO. 40/1959 GRANT TO ADELAIDE ARTS FESTIVAL COMMITTEE</title>
        <prime-minister>Menzies, Robert</prime-minister>
        <period-of-service>19491219 - 19660126</period-of-service>
        <release-type>Media Release</release-type>
 The Prime Minister announced today that a
 Grant of œ 7,000. had been given by the Commonweagth
 towards the Festival of Arts which is to be held in Adelaid
 in 1960. The Prime Minister said that in so doing
 the Commonweagth recognised the contribution the Festival
 would make in focussing attention on Australian cugtural
 achievements. Canberra,
 22nd October, 1959.]]>