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Fraser, Malcolm

Period of Service: 11/11/1975 to 11/03/1983

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Release Date: 13/06/1976

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 4154

EMBARGO: 8 p. m. SUNDAY + 1 F76/ 125
As announced on 30 January, 1976, the Government undertook
to proceed during the Autumn Session of Parliament, with
legislation to establish the Australia-Japan Foundation.
This Bill to create the Foundation passed the House of
Representatives on 16 March 1976, the Senate on 6 April 1976,
and received Assent on 7 April 1976.
The objectives of the Foundation are to deepen and widen
contacts between Australia and Japan in all fields, including
business, academic, cultural, scientific and trade unions.
The Foundation will promote the study by Australians
and Japanese of the language, culture, social, economic
and political instiz:' tions of one another's country.
It will enrich Australian-Japanese relations, both by the
understanding that knowledge can bring, and no less importantly,
by the personal contacts between Australians and Japanese
that tife Foundation's work will make possible.
Those to receive grants from the Foundation will be
competent persons who are already making a marlkod contribution
to their own sphere of activity, and, who given the
opportunity, may be expected to make an even greater contribution.
The Australia-Japan Foundation Act, proclaimed on
27 April 1976, came into effect on 10 May 1976 thus
setting up the Foundation as an independent statutory authority.
/ 2

The Foundation will comprise a minimum of five
and a maximum of fifteen members.
Mr Russell T. Madigan, Chairman, Hammersley
Holdings Ltd, has been appointed Chairman of the Foundation.
The following have also accepted appointment to
membership of the Foundation:
The Hon. Gordon Freeth
Former Ambassador to Japan and Minister
for External Affairs.
Emeritus Professor Sir John Crawford,
Chancellor of the Australian National University
Mr Baillieu Myer
Director, Myer Emporium
Mr John L. Menadue
Secretary, Department of Prime Minister Cabinet
Associate Professor Owen Harries
Department of Political Science
University of New South Wales
Mrs Rosemary Trott
Honours Student, Japanese Studies
Australian National University
Mr Milton Moon
Potter = nd Lecturer
South ALstralian School of Ar. t
Sir Ker-eth Humphreys
Chairm-n, United Telecasters, and
Commonwealth Industrial Gases
Dr Sydney Crawcour
Professorial Fellow
Research School of Pacific Studies
Apjstralian National University
A Deputy Secretary
representing the Department of Foreign
Affairs will also be appointed.-to.
membership of. the. Foundation.
The President of the--Australian: Council of
Trade Unions, Mr R. J. Hawke, has been approached
and asked to nominate a Union representative.
Details of the appointee will be announced
following the ACTU Executive Meeting to be held
on 21-22 June 1976.
Details of other appointments will also be announced
at a later date. The inaugural meeting of the Foundation will be
held in mid-July 1976.

Transcript 4154