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Photo of Whitlam, Gough

Whitlam, Gough

Period of Service: 05/12/1972 to 11/11/1975

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Release Date: 16/02/1973

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 2817

16 February 1973
In my press statement of 26 January about the establishment of the
Australian Council for the Arts, I mentioned that the basis of the work
of the new Council would be seven autonomous Boards, each dealing with a
different area of the Arts. The announcement contained the name of the
Chairman of each of the Boards
Aboriginal Arts Board Mr Dick Roughsey
Crafts Board Mrs Marea Gazzard
Literature Board Professor G. Elainey
Mlusic Board Mr Donald Banks
Visual and Plastic Arts Board Mr H. J. Bailey
Theatre Board Hr Peter Hall
Film and Television Board 1, r Phillip Adams
I am anxious for the work of these Boards to proceed as soon as
possible. They will be responsible for developing in each field
important new national policies and initiatives. They will be
responsible for their own affairs, and will be expected to plan a
programme of future support in each area which will be of lastinq
value to Australian artists and the public.
I have received from the Chairmen of the Boards their suggestion
for membership. The exception is the Aboriginal Arts Board, the
membersnip of which will be announced shortly. The membership of
the Boards contains a preponderance of practisinq professionals whose
wide experience and knowledge will be invaluable.
The Government is mindful that the arts are for audiences as
well as performers. The membership of the Boards, therefore, provides
for representation of what might be called the consumer. Since the
Boards will have to deal with finance, the structure of companies and
administering organizations, legal matters and a variety of concerns
where skills and knowledge other than those of the practising artist
will be required, people with a broad general knowledge in these fields
have also been invited to join the Boards. In addition, the membership
will include people whose work on previous advisory boards will be of
value during the early stages.
The invitations to new members provide for a regular inflow of
new ideas. All the initial terms of members will be for one or two
years. There will be provision for the Boards to co-opt one or two
additional members if they require them for particular purposes.
It is our hope over the coming years to involve in the public
administration of the Arts a wide cross section of interested and
knowledgeable people.
The people who have accepted my invitations to join the Boards are:-

iMr. Donald Banks ( Chairman)
Mr. John Hopkins, O. B. E.
Professor Frank Callaway, O. B. E.
Mr. Robert Hughes
1! r. John Painter
Miiss Elizabeth Silsbury
Ir. Rodney John Taylor
Miss Winsome Evans
Mr. Kenneth Tribe
Mr. Kim Williams
Miss Jeannie Lewis Composer, Teacher,
Administrator, Former
Director of Music
University of London,
Goldsmith' College
Creative Arts Fellow
ANU 1972/ 73 A. C. T.
Conductor, Federal
Director of Music, ABC:
Conductor Australian Youth
Orchestra and Prom Concerts: N. S. W.
Chairman, Department of Music, USA
Chairman W. A. Arts Advisory Board,
World President Inter-National
Society for Music Education, W. A.
Composer Cellist; Former Principal
Cellist with the SSO and Member
Sydney String Quartet.
Snr Lecturer in iusic at
Bedford Park Teachers College;
Pianist, S. A.
Director North Queensland
Conservatorium of I4usic;
Baritone, Qld.
Leader, Renaissance Players,
Harpsichordist; Music Tutor,
University of Sydney; Assistant
Musical Director Young Opera, N. S. W
Solicitor, Chairman Musica Viva
Australia; President Adult Deaf
and Dumb Society of NSW; N. S. W.
Composer, Actively involved with
Contemporary Music Societies in
Sydney. Leading Vocalist of Jazz, Pop,
Rock and Contemporary Music, N. S. W.

vir. Phillip Adams
Mr. Tom Jeffrey
Miss Sylvia Lawson
Mr. Gill Brealey
Miss Dawn Brown
hr. John McQuaid
i. r. Joe O'Sullivan
Mr. Barry Jones, M. L. A.
Mr. Jim Harris
tr. Jack Neary
Mr. Richard Mason Film Producer; Governor
Australian Film Institute, Vic.
Producer/ Director Air Programmes
International, N. S. W.
Film Critic
Director S. A. Film Corporation,
Educationalist, Film Producer, S. A.
Educationalist, Vic.
Secretary of Australian Theatrical
Employees Association, N. S. W.
Director, Perth Institute for
Film Technology, W. A.
Member Australian Film Development
Corporation, Member Interim Council
for Film and Television School, Vic.
Lecturer, Swinburne Technical
College, Script Writer, Vic.
Principal of NLT Pty. Ltd.
Deputy Director Commonwealth
Film Unit; Governor of Australian
Film Institute, N. S. W.

Professor Geoffrey Blainey
( Chairman)
Mr. Geoffrey Dutton
Professor A. D. Hope
Mr. Judah Waren
Miss Elizabeth Riddell
Mr. David Malouf
Miss Nancy Deesing
Mr. Thomas Shapcott
Professor Manning Clark
Mr. Richard Hall
Mr. Richard Walsh LITERATURE BOARD Professor Economic History,
University of Melbourne;
Former Chairman, CLF, Vic.
S Publisher Sun Books; Novelist,
Poet, S. A.
S Vice President Australian Society
of Authors; Poet, Former Member
CLF, A. C. T.
S Novelist, Vic.
S Journalist, N. S. W.
Poet; Critic, N. S. W.
S Critic; Poet, N. S. W.
S Poet, Qld.
S Professor of Australian History,
ANU, A. C. T.
S Playwright, N. S. W.
MSa naging Editor, Angus and Robertson;
Publisher, Nation Review
N. S. W.

Peter Hall ( Chairman)
ir. T. C. Bray, C. B. E.
irs. H. W. Houghton
Miss Marilyn Jones
Miss Joan Hammond
Mr. Gary Hutchinson
Mr. John Stoddart
Mr. Anthony Steel
Mr. Tom Brown
Mr. Colin Cave
Mr. Ron Haddrick
hr. Don Crosby
Mrs. Patrician Wynn Architect Sydney Opera House;
Former Member of the Australian
Council for the Arts, N. S. W.
Former Managing Director
Queensland Newspapers Pty. Ltd.;
Former Member and Deputy Chairman,
Australian Council for the Arts
Qld. Former Member of the Australian
Council for the Arts; Tas.
Dancer, Vic.
Oera Singer, Vic.
Writer, Poet, Vic.
Designer, N. S. W.
General Manager, Adelaide Festival
Centre Trust; Artistic Director
Adelaide Festival, S. A.
Theatre Consultant, N. S. W.
Director CAE Victoria ( Vice-
President Arts Council); Vic.
Actor, N. S. W.
Actor, N. S. W.

Mr. John Baily ( Chairman)
Mr. Ron Roberston-Swann
Mr. Nigel Lenden
Mr. James Mollison
Mr. David Thomas
Mr. Patrick McCaughey
Mr. Lenton Parr
Mrs. Anne Lewis
Mr. Fred Williams
Mr. Len French
Mr. James Fleeson
Mr. Udo Sellbach Director, S. A. Art Gallery
Chairman, Adelaide Festival Centre
Trust, Painter, S. A.
Sculptor/ Painter, N. S. W.
Sculptor, S. A./ Vic.
Director, National Gallery,
Canberra, A. C. T.
Director, Newcastle Art Gallery,
N. S. W.
Writer, Critic, Vic.
Sculotor, Director National
Gallery, Art School; Vic.
SG allery A, International
Committee of Museum of Modern
Art; N. S. W.
Painter Former Member CAAB; Vic.
Painter, Vic.
Painter, N. S. W.
Graphite Artist; Tas.

Mrs. Marea Gazzard ( Chairman)
Mr. Les Blakeborough
Miss Fay Bottrell
Mr. Ken Leveson
Mrs. Joy De Gruchey
: M-rs. Joan Campbell
Mr. Maurice Isaacs
Mrs. Marjorie Ritchie
Mr. Dick Richards
Mr. Kenneth Hood
Mr. Tom Heath
Mr.. F. Belgiorno Nettis Ceramist; Asian Vice-President,
World Crafts Council, N. S. W.
Community Crafts; Past
Director Sturt Workshops; now
at Art Department, College of
Advanced Education, Hobart. TAS.
Textiles; weaver,; teacher, N. S. W.
Jeweller; Potter; Educator in
Technical Colleges, VIC.
Director Craftsman's Market;
Interior Designer, QLD.
Ceramist; Educator, Country
and community programmes Youths;
W. A.
Sociologist; Businessman;
Collector N. S. W.
Crafts Marketing; Eltham
Community, VIC.
Jeweller; Administrator,
Curatoran S. A. Gallery; Member
Craft Inquiry, S. A.
Curator, Decorative Arts,
National Gallery of Victoria, VIC.
Architect; Art Critic, N. S. W.
Collector.; Transfield Biennale;

Transcript 2817