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Keating, Paul

Period of Service: 20/12/1991 to 11/03/1996

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Release Date: 16/01/1992

Release Type: Statement

Transcript ID: 8381

6/ 92
Australia has decided to recognise as independent states the
former Yugoslav republics of Slovenia and Croatia.
Slovenia and Croatia have met the conditions set out by the
EC on 16 December 1991. These include respect for United
Nations and Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
( CSCE) principles, including regard for the rule of law,
democracy and human rights, guarantees on minority rights,
observance of international obligations on security and nonproliferation,
respect for the inviolability of all
frontiers, and recourse to peaceful means for the settlement
of disputes.
But much remains to be done before the people of the former
republics of Yugoslavia are able to enjoy the peace and
prosperity that is their right. I strongly urge the leaders
of all the parties to the conflict to demonstrate the
strength of will and political determination to resolve
their differences peacefully. Nor does the act of
recognition bring to an end the responsibility of the
international community to help resolve the conflict. The
international community must continue to promote and support
efforts to ensure that minority rights, territorial disputes
and succession questions are settled peacefully and justly.
I warmly welcome the establishment of these new states, and
wish the leaders and people of the nations of Slovenia and
Croatia well in the tasks ahead. My Government will seek
discussions with the new states on establishing diplomatic
relations. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Senator Evans,
will issue a statement on the arrangements for Australian
recognition. CANBERRA 16 January 1992

Transcript 8381