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Photo of Hawke, Robert

Hawke, Robert

Period of Service: 11/03/1983 to 20/12/1991

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Release Date: 14/08/1989

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 7705

I am pleased to announce that the Prime Minister of
France, Mr Michel Rocard, has accepted my invitation to
visit Australia as a guest of my government on
18-19 August. This will be the first visit to Australia
by a serving French Prime Minister.
On 18 August, we will meet to discuss Antarctica, the
environment, the South Pacific, my regional economic
initiative and other topics of mutual interest. We
expect to make further progress on the issues which we
discussed during my visit to Paris in June.
Mr Rocard and I will also hold round table discussions
with senior ministers from both Australia and France.
In Mr Rocard's party will be Mr Le Pensec, the Minister
for Overseas Departments and Territories, and Mrs Avice,
the Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs. As part of
their program, the accompanying ministers will also meet
the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and
Trade. During Mr Rocard' s visit, we will also seek to enhance
scientific and technological co-operation between our
two countries and Mr Rocard will visit the Commonwealth
Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.
Mr Rocard's party ' will travel to Sydney on 19 August and
will attend a conference on the Australian economy and
our bilateral trade relations. The Treasurer,
Mr Keating, will be present at the conference.

Transcript 7705