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Hawke, Robert

Period of Service: 11/03/1983 to 20/12/1991

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Release Date: 13/09/1987

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 7222

The terms of all non-Commonwealth members of the Economic
Planning and Advisory Council have now expired and I today
announce the membership of the new Council.
Consistent with the rotational arrangements provided in the
EPAC Act, Premiers Unsworth, Bannon and Gray have now been
appointed for a two year term. These replace Premiers Cain
and Burke and Chief Minister Hatton.
The EPAC Act requires that non-Government membe-rs be
appointed following consultations with certain industry and
community groups.
I am pleased that a number of members of the previous
Council have been renominated by the relevant organisations
and have agreed to accept reappointment, providing an
invaluable element of continuity to the Council's work.
These are:
Messrs Crean, Kelty and MacBean and Mrs Marsh ( appointed
after consultation with the ACTU);
Mr B Kelman ( business organisations);
Mr F Davidson ( rural industry);
Ms L Cutts ( The Council of Local Government
Associations); and
Mr, 3 Disney ( welfare organisations).
The new non-Government members are:
Mr W. J. Bailey
Mr A. R. Jackson
Mr H. Rose
ms P. Smith ( Group Managing Director and Chief
Executive officer, ANZ Bank);
( Managing Director, BTR Nylex
Limited); ( Management Consultant, Horwath and
Horwath Service Pty); and
( Policy and Public Affairs manager,
Australian Consumers' Association) 00101
JjQ ;; KALI( A

Messrs Bailey and Jackson were appointed after consultation
with business groups, while Mr Rose and Ms Smith were
appointed after consultation with representatives of small
business and consumer/ community organisations respectively.
They, in turn, replace Messrs Coates, Hughes and Gibbons and
Dr Braithwaite.
The non-Government members have been appointed to four-year
terms. As in the past the Commonwealth will be represented by
myself, the Treasurer, Paul Keating and the Minister for
Industrial Relations, Ralph Willis.
I take this opportunity to thank all of the retiring members
for the valuable contribution which they have made to the
work of EPAC over their terms of appointment.
The Economic Planning Advisory Council was established in
1983 to continue the process of consultation and information
exchange started at the National Economic Summit Conference.
It has proved to be an important forum for consultation and
debate on issues vital to Australia's economic performance
in the medium and longer term. Although the Government has
consulted a number of groups in deciding the membership of
the Council, members are appointed in their personal
capacity and for their ability contribute to the work of the
Council. The new members bring a range of experience and talents to
the Council and are to be congratulated for their
willingness to serve the community in this way. I look
forward to the next meeting of EPAC which will be held in
Canberra on 6 November 1987. o0(). I1

Mr Bailey is Group Managing Director and Chief Executive of
the ANZ Banking Group Limited. Mr Bailey has long experience
in banking, both domestic and international.
Mr Jackson will bring to the Council a wide knowledge of
business gained through a lengthy and successful business
career. He is currently Managing Director of BTR Nylex
Limited and was named the Australian Businessman of the
Year by Business Review Weekly.
Mr Rose has extensive experience in small business,
especially in the tourism and hospitality industry. Among
others, he is currently Chairman of the Motor Inn and Motel
Association of Australia, Chairman of the National Tourism
Industry Training Committee and a member of the Federal
Tourism Advisory Council.
Ms Smith has held the position of Manager for Policy and
Public Affairs with the Australian Consumers' Association
since May 1985. Her experience in consumer matters includes
membership of the National Advisory Council on Consumer
Affairs. Ms Smith was a member of the Advisory Committee on
Trade and Economics to the Constitution Commission in 1986.

Transcript 7222