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Photo of Menzies, Robert

Menzies, Robert

Period of Service: 19/12/1949 to 26/01/1966

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Release Date: 12/07/1962

Release Type: Interview

Transcript ID: 557

I, w~ wrII WI D1 A~ VMftrf ILT. E.. I
P t Ib0 I7ma"
QUESTION MR. MUZINS Q0 A* t Mr. Prim Minister, I merstand this afteroom
y haVe bad the rAwpioS m of
t: great indus t gilrowth I& the d of
3IpsoniVg* Vould you be so kind Sir as to
give as your impressions of bowtls ass in
with your Oovumnt's peloy of growtk and
S Veil IW've seem a little set as os as I
al& have like to have sem. I are of
sourse, been here betf ht the
mm her*-: I think is PheasaRm l, imt eary I&
irm sax steel and OWLq and of ' se with the
œ eWlejvopmnt of the eawi pet, the expot
ofi but aLA@ of m s 7@ U? Qiit tIuInYrmV
In" utres dam on this sernst. Ifi ps i ncf.
And what I libe about It is that at a tiwbefn
peat stability ha been avUvved at so cheap
In the eonsoe prios Iaiz for eighteeemn th,
a sonsLdersbl degree of mmetary stabiity In
Australla the produetion and export of seal
and of irsa and steel don here have rises
alInt fabdIOUle& a. This 4amestrates somethiag
that I as aftrquetly eig that stability is
the 6endition of v t and not the onew of
povth. In other wts a that stablity is
not eta patisa but S is the sendition an whisb
trimr pevth depadq, and bre you have i ome
distriot, with Its matiplislty of sotivitios,
the most perfect example of this that I could
think of*
Nw, Siz, am faist of our area Is the 4*' ing
in& 1$ tz7 frthu d" SkOo MU fvQM~ lC
Thi brinstyio the * ea Gf emo riar t
& vjvwvwwD s ut7 IntQ th eiPi~ r Commm maximt e
WOU yoa asr to sy ~ Fieors t thi sabjeet,
Wellgs, fQubit. r iefly,, becaue I is't need
to ymrit vould take aa h to explain the
variosaspests, of the Cemma xrket. jat I
do't tb Pee3e UNd to be or-eroxitd about
this matt'. w T'dairyiag imdustry is a m7r
iportant am In aradli me Gmrmrnat
Would I of allIg it to be hatally afr~ d
kwvi amwi we Iare of oe battlin her
tkz kth vited RiaM vernment
ofe tir entvr Into the Csin NZRt
vhio will give sa stabili and piespeat to
the 46137U industRY. I an t desp" al of that*
I think te rm ot of tUs Vaited LIXaUMA is
workiag W4rd on it wo itimly re veeking
hax4 it has a ed adea or am tmn..
We ar determinde m Pt best ao that am
be put ad nobdy kkb entbslw. t the SIx
eanMeamtries will aesept 6d0itiens that
M bio Great Writala to p in without
dargig the dairYing instrY In lAmstrala or
* e00000.1/ 2
v 71 li iip-r~~ Um~ g fn

the . n laIndustry in Smt Zealand vhiebt of
SOON, it~~ z1 1a" stat to thet . uWAtry.
But I an nt UM~ the ssimIsts a this mttes.
d4oa uit believe treat Britain voulA V ina on
toru mtj a* vut'bo. ns MA I a pesftstl
cor~ a,= ta mT-Autiinl1* 3 Gsvpeaiot v@ 4A beZ-Ym"
M# 7y to 4. fthd Its am-m lftus tries mine
swtaiul will be am " T I as tar as ~ she
eZ marhets, in ownse llasow" market $ be
Wrest rit" ai am ame9.
Qq sm.# Sir, y"' ve just meatime * thw marbats.
The 4001 a~ tw isam whisk atroots us v~
Ueatlin this W mcgmatlSUrM Sr
tima this arml SWr
A* I do amess m seset Zm k,~ l I
sa 14k ba* to atun Js beiu bakat
Offt ve in emA fW a yewar two tboeaft#
vhs. t Seal fents he" was so low that vswe e
lapettimg = 7a. it## " I& r I* bellow= vwset
impstig sal tfan South Aftles end Inia am
v~ m lakrates a It basins. there Vag
inth sewa tret and*
toftr, ve are expig Jarl; emyPr4. i
all we vast ft ou anyapoos, beteetlg
Do has, tkhoe is this sm at sl. 2a
apatas " tts being W1t teaistamom
Gladstone I& QN6essam4, we amc really & Fewl~ p
wsmzkable el for expert of 040l toth w
last* And this of ovam zet el use" a gnat
deal fb the s0u Ifa n In~ st bat It memos a
seasidtaMe thiag fmt ow belamm atf
It wAIles o-Ii# pass a ll fer1ma
a great fwture fw St.
Q. en aml S3iWr , ei the ai2.4isp~ taaPt Prim
Daito In 1= Septomber,
ou Siaw us a * liot out] UuI of whet yw
0omai will be In the next spLe of vedcs?
A. V. 11, I merwer appear to be vItaut ame essapatiem.
You know whom I got bask ftsm a WeottT OtS
Seri" s .1 4s alsownea whe a forU'taik
ap I ftm mlsolf pivaged Into camt meetlags
and ito the Lems Caeni amd the prmies'
Cariee ana ims them, I hewo beeo tyngt
onak vp a fem arrowrs of work ad meIt msa
mering th ( biuet mets to Lisaste s,
the pet PRO& lM ef the ma~ t fler 12/ 3a
I oqotto be heavily laws" Ina that forat
least three das tbonafter, As a matter of that*
botbwe thoubb es som e of the papers A" eben
seaut to ms Wbe I m using temiohta
I will be & I ag a P" e doal of Weft on the ft
you sma say bre" do% Ohat et taskt ins July
is to w~ e" a smapt and, ofr., . VWybe
who im ss t hae to peaethe Umutato
do It am eml the peo who kev~ do it a" e
tfIamlw with the faeftS This is mi& to be a
puetJ dfftl t am* AWisyhow, w it. Them
c liim mieets, as fto~* a Augat 7t fr
the ftipt Seetie m A then, at the and of Aufast

baVi ma lit with the Oppositica, the Nov" s will
& QeMI ? w a menth and awe o~ f us~ will lp offtthe
Ptie Mniser 00f~ eceIn Septesber on the C sM
Kaikets, We vo't so Just as if ve m wzwoit or the
egsuhell you kw becuse durin Augst wewl " ev
a ret alof Ud.;.. ts.. fro ee Witain MWi
ftie. ftepe about the leak of Its whiat soniditions night
be agreed Upn what tentative ilpwsat mbet
made what Is going to happen todre frI Caned
X1 and batter and meat and womat and sugor and so
final fW* bet Inn : 06slsfru W illb
able to disouss It Ad deide what attitude ve a" e
ping to adopt on these mtters when the PntUw Ministers
inevt. NMI tha mest anSeptsbe 1t in LGG01
I an perhops releasy' asaing, tkat I Will be there.,
I don't kw beSaUSO It there's time in vbich a
T" ent with a majrty of me ean be kidiad out,
It Is Ixt the Bapt SeoIs and therefae I may be
aae " 4 "-pttmist. I sm talking about what I am.
vftg doam what I en ping to says Ato anybowt
ot~ thin being equal, witha& l ittle bit of ludkas
~ they said in the somie ope I'll be tbeanor
that tieW , my Miisters, ; atlisaawly Hz&. ) IjicTh
finister ) wT~ usbde axA 316. hlt, the Treasurer will
hew* been able to diamass what Wesaen and whed our
Attitue ought to be* go the" will be no lack or
aillVel find ow~ time for " creation between these
De you knw that you are about to betvay xy Wiltky
semet? IFor a long time th JZsag pe autbarities
I* Sydney'ksV been trying, to et maose
Leagn matebe I'm a UmIbman follow -you kne
Ausral ln SLthis Vas what I played who& I e
and And nv, theyve, gt ms Ila
* oein to be preent on Satoday aftemmoos at the
inMte reTsetsdt Mbeaetmohu seaqn dsa ltohfo usto urIs e., ptIh'elrl tbhe attr sAnduusltralia
lost the first t" o Test Mai lov'e been mob pleased
to dissav wm b e" e that you've beaten the finglisb
teen. Everybd has bees talking about it. I read
about It in tepapers. I thisk it Is magpiftenat,
And If this bus a stimulating effet a golvanisiag
efteet, em the AuxtrmlIan teem on ada7i. 7I'l ame
a J* 1, y good matebe eve tbousk I an bomA to admit to
you the a" e noWs aspoelts of It that I won't = WkrstaM.
Q. Sows timelly Sir sould we have a ftw words tes you an
the frnthamlng joyal Towr next year?
A* Vell, ve are all looking fomrwid to it. I discussed
this first with the vases a year ago -awe than a
year a .1 I am assure you shels von#, ve7 b
on out aid sIs ftinse Philip One point to
be remebered,, Is that we ean't cmaslh tim the
QNeen a1teo hae a sort or pqphiml towr -yo
knew what I seen -evriag a arg arem of amuntvy
in ssh States, with em town saying., OWelly she didn't
sume har~ e lA& time, she ought to e6here this time.,
The whole advantage that I en trying to got, ad that
the Qmeen would lile, would be for bar to v1i sState

kV State, to attend oe partim~ laa matter Mtato
of ñ mpwlanoo; maybe in M States so e nt
ei~ tht vould lend itself to Royal at moae
and In anothor sawe other * vet. It Is not to t
thought that tAL Queen is just 4ping en the big
trek & road oaok -tate, bsuse this 1.5137 doe"
be~ em vey tiring ad as I wat to have quite a
few Royal. Visits$ I would like them to be related
to partiougar evonts so that ve, may have no" e
shoter vIsits6 Do you amthe point I sat 9?
go Yeas, Biro
A. And fee long visits, and therohwe am People, will
need to be very umdestaning about that., ht I
ea assuret you that the Quesa is tmozdously keen.
on this visit*
Q* So, Sir, we amy assme that in the fortheoming Royal
Tour the aoect will be, to a not marked dopes an
A* Oh. yes. Partle3awa a ets out out a good doel of
the fbrmality, cat out a good deal of what I * all
the bnoirtic hbsiness of wreeiving addresses and
answering thanto We are, locki for a visIt. that
will. leave the quen, with apweeble umeories of
sa* vivid event am Plaose or thins that she saw.
This Is the advanta go. I woud likce to think that
I& two or throe, yea" s" time, she would look back an
the visit and say* Oh, yes I remember what I sam
In sook and seek a StULt. It was splenid. I
rmember vhat happoned. Isted of tryins to remomber
a Series of 26GatM vIsit4. I Me fte You Will
understand that and I = e tkat the people of
Anstnaha will undestand. if we are ping to
beoms elosorr t or nen14 derstand her betteut
as I think do Awsal, thnwe must understand
that sh. is a wars a being of groat intellffaee
fins memown who likes to se things that she,
remmbe : 2take away the away of the peepA1 of
hew own allegiamme vw she has soew In Australia
and vhs have regeived twa' with approval and varmth.
Q& airv ve thank yea vwry muck for Youm omento this
evening azA In Wating aqwe tiust that you enJcW
yourself very mobk over theeoked In Sydney.
A* Thank you*
Goodnight Sir.

Transcript 557