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Transcript 432

PM 3/1962 - Invitations to Industry and Commercial Organisations

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Menzies, Robert

Period of Service: 19/12/1949 to 26/01/1966

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Release Date: 15/01/1962

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 432

P. M. No,. 3/ 1962 

The Government has now issued a series of invitations to industry and commercial organisations to attend meetings in Canberra with Ministers. These invitations arise from the decision which I announced in December, to the effect that the Government would wish to have discussions with industry representatives, in order to obtain their views in a direct fashion on current economic matters and generally to set up closer contacts with industry in its various aspects.

The details of the invitations issued are as follows:

Associated Chambers of Manufactures to meet Ministers on 18th January at 2.30 P. M.

Associated Chambers of Commerce 19th January at 10.30 a, m.

Australian Council of Retailers 19th January at 2.30 pm..

Australian Council of Trade Unions 24th January 10. 30 am

National Farmers' Union of Australia 30thi January at 10.30 a m.

Australian Bankers' Association 30th January at 2.30 p. m.

Invitations have also been issued to the Manufacturing Industries Advisory Council and the Export Development Council, but dates for meetings with these bodies have not so far been proposed,

15 January, 1962.

Transcript 432