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Fraser, Malcolm

Period of Service: 11/11/1975 to 11/03/1983

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Release Date: 16/09/1976

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 4228

The Prime Minister, Mr Malcolm Fraser, today foreshadowed
senior Government appointments.
Mr Fraser said that, with the greatest regret, he had to
announce that Sir John Bunting would not be able to remain
for his full term as High Commissioner in London, where, as
in Australia, he is very highly regarded.
Earlier this year in London Sir John had a major emergency
operation. From this he has recovered well, but with
impairment for the time being of his voice.
After medical advice, Sir John has told the Prime Minister
that, given particularly the heavy representational role in London,
he feels it best that arrangements for appointment of a
successor as High Commissioner now be set in train.
Mr Fraser said that Sir John, who is at present in Australia
on leave and consultations, has agreed to return to London
later this year, pending arrangements for his successor to take
up his duties as High Commissioner early in 1977. Sir John's
future plans will depend on medical advice, but the Prime Minister
said he hoped very much that Sir John's vast experience, wisdom
and judgement would continue to be available to his Government.
Mr Fraser said that the unexpected vacancy of High Commissioner
in London would bring in train several appointments. Pending
completion of formal processes, full details could not be
publicly announced, but Mr Fraser said that some changes at the
departmental head level would be included.
Mr J. L. Menadue, at present Secretary to the Department of the
Prime Minister and Cabinet, will vacate that position to accept
another senior Commonwealth Government appointment. Mr A. T.
Carmody, currently Secretary to the Department of Business
and Consumer Affairs,. will succeed Mr Menadue.
Mr Fraser paid tribute to Mr Menadue's competence, impartiality
and discretion. Mr Menadue had given unstintingly of his energies
and managerial skills in serving as the confidential adviser to
the Prime Minister and Cabinet in the important transitional
period of the Liberal National Country Party Government, as he
had done for its predecessor. I
Mr Fraser added that fuller announcements would be made as soon as
the formal processes for these and other related appointments are

Transcript 4228