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New United Nations Security Council Sanctions against North Korea

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Turnbull, Malcolm

Period of Service: 15/09/2015 to 24/08/2018

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Release Date: 12/09/2017

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 41180

The Australian Government welcomes the strong new measures that were unanimously adopted by the United Nations Security Council this morning.

The UN Security Council has again sent a clear message to the North Korean regime that the global community is united against Pyongyang’s illegal weapons programs and use of these to threaten the region and world.

UN Security Council Resolution 2375 implements a full ban on North Korea’s export of textiles, which is the largest export sector that has not already been restricted. With these new measures, over 90 per cent of North Korea’s publicly reported 2016 exports have now been banned.

The resolution limits the volume of refined petroleum and crude oil that can be exported to North Korea, reducing the country’s access to oil by around 30 per cent.

The measures also ban new work permits for North Korean workers, restricting a source of funds which is estimated to be worth $620 million per year to the regime.

These tighter sanctions will impose significant costs on North Korea and further restrict its ability to fund and operate its weapons programs.

Australia encourages all members of the international community to fully implement the UN Security Council resolutions. We urge China in particular to use its unique economic leverage over Pyongyang to place further pressure on the North Korean regime.

Australia will move quickly to implement the measures under the new resolution and will continue to work with our partners to uphold global peace and stability.

Transcript 41180