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Photo of Whitlam, Gough

Whitlam, Gough

Period of Service: 05/12/1972 to 11/11/1975

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Release Date: 16/02/1974

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 3156

Embargo 8.00 p. m. Saturday 16 February... 0900 16 February London time
iress Statement No. 184
Statement by the xrime Fvinister, Mr Whitlam.
( Issued in connection with the statement to be made at 8. uO p. mo
tonight by Buckingham Palace see copy attached.)
The Queen to Return to Australia
I am pleased that it will be possible for The Queen
to return to Australia and visit Adelaide, Perth and Darwin.
This had been her hope after fulfilling her constitutional
rluties in the United Eingdom.
I know that the Premiers of South Australia and
Western Australia, who have been kept informed, share my
Odlight. It will mean many hours of additional travelling
by air for The Queen but she does not want to disappoint the
peo'ple of outh Australia, Western Australia and the-Northern
Territory. It has been ten years since The Queen has visited
those States and the Northern Territory.
The Queen will now return to Australia through
Darwin to carry out engagementn with The Prince Philip in
Adelaide ( Friday 8 March), Perth ( Saturday 9 March) and Darwin
(' iunlday 10 Mlnrch). The Queen and The Prince Philip accompanied by
The Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips will arrive in
Canberra from Port Moresby on Wednesday 27 February.
Immediately after her arrival at Fairbairn RAAF Base
The Queen, The Prince Philip, The Princess Anne and Captain
Mark Phillips will drive to Civic Centre, Canberra, for a formal
ceremonial welcome to be followed by a walk around part of
City Hill to enable them to meet and talk to the citizens of the
National Capital. The Queen and The Prince Philip will stay at Government
House, Canberra. The Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips will
travel to Sydney as planned to stay overnight with the Governor
of New South Wales and Lady Cublero
In Canberra, The Queen will open the Second Session
of the 28th Parliament on Thursday 28 February and then leave
for Sydney from where she and The Princess Anne with Captain
Phillips will leave by air for London. 2/ o

The Prince Philip's itinerary thereafter will be
Fri 1 Mar
Sat 2 Mar
Sun 3 I'[ ar
1on 4 tMar
Tue 5 Mar
Wed 6 iar
Thu 7 iar
Fri 8 M~ ar 10.40 a. m.
12.00 noon
12.00 noon
2.15 p. m.
10.45 aom.
2.45 p. m. Leave Canberra
Arrive Adelaide
Engagements in
South Australia
Leave Adelaide
Arrive Perth
Engagements in
Western Australia
Leave Perth
Arrive Adelaide
NOTE: When the engagements for Adelaide, Perth and Darwin
for The Queen and The Prince Philip are agreed with
the Palace, announcements will be made from the
respective Royal Visit Organisations.
Contact..... Press Liaison Officer, Royal Visit
Bruce King95 1249 ( Home)
73 3468 ( Office)

Text of announcement from Buckingham Palace at 0900 Saturday ( 8.00 p. m.
16 February will be as follows: A. E. T.)
" As has already been announced, The Queen will be
leaving Canberra on Thursday 28 February, and will
be arriving in London by 10.00 a. m. on Friday
1 Mi. rch. Subsequently Her . lMajesty will leave
London on the evening, of 6 Mfarch to resume her tour
in Australia and to carry out her State Visit to
Indonesia. larliament will be opened on 12 March
by a Real Commission. During The Queen's absence
from the tour the Duke of Edinburgh will remain in
Australia and will carry out engagements already
arranged as appropriate."

Transcript 3156