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Address to officially open the Croc Eisteddfod Festival, Moree

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Howard, John

Period of Service: 11/03/1996 to 03/12/2007

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Release Date: 13/06/2000

Release Type: Speech

Transcript ID: 22826



Thank you very much Peter Sjoquist, to John Anderson the Deputy Prime Minister and Member for Gywdir, to my many other parliamentary colleagues, ladies and gentlemen. Can I acknowledge the welcome of the Kamilaroi people - the traditional owners of the land on which this gathering takes place.

This is a remarkable occasion because it brings together school children and young Australians from many parts of north western New South Wales. It also brings together members of the community of Moree which is providing such a splendid lead and a splendid demonstration of how people of different cultures and different backgrounds can work together in a harmonious way.

I also want to particularly congratulate Peter Sjoquist and all of those associated with him for the tremendous personal dedication of time and effort and energy that they have put into organising this year's Croc Eisteddfod and also the Eisteddfods around Australia on two previous occasions.

The anti-alcohol, tobacco and drug message of this festival and of this Eisteddfod is one that I very warmly commend and endorse to all of you present and the message of the Eisteddfod and the message of the dangers of substance abuse is a message that I know is very warmly embraced by people within the Moree community.

But I think all of us who are going to listen to the entertainment tonight would particularly want to put our hands together to thank the children of the schools of the districts that are going to contribute to our entertainment tonight. So let's have a round of applause in advance for all of the children that are going to give us the entertainment.

It is an opportunity as Peter said for so many young Australians in this part of our country to demonstrate their particular talent to show to the people of Australia and not just to the people of Moree of how people of different backgrounds and different cultures can work together, can work together, have fun together and contribute to a great sense of community and a great sense of oneness as all Australians together. I therefore have great pleasure in declaring this Croc Eisteddfod of the Year 2000 open. I hope you all enjoy it and our warm thanks to Peter and all of those who've worked so hard to bring it about, thank you to all of them.


Transcript 22826