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Building the Education Revolution - Julia Gillard Minister for Education

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Rudd, Kevin

Period of Service: 03/12/2007 to 24/06/2010

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Release Date: 12/02/2009

Release Type: Video Transcript

Transcript ID: 16406

The Rudd Government is making an historic $14.7 billion investment to build the Education Revolution in our schools.

This funding will not only provide a massive boost to our economy but will provide the modern, state of the art facilities our schools need to provide a world class education.

Every school in Australia will benefit from this new investment.

Primary Schools for the 21st Century will see $12.4 billion to build or upgrade large scale infrastructure like libraries or school halls in all primary schools, special schools and K-12 schools.

Science and Language Centres for 21st Century Secondary Schools is a $1 billion investment to build around 500 new science laboratories and language learning centres in our secondary schools.

An additional $1.3 billion will be available for all schools to refurbish and renew existing infrastructure and undertake minor building works.

This new $14.7 billion infrastructure investment is in addition to the $2 billion Digital Education Revolution, the $2.5 billion Trades Training Centres program, and new investments of $550 million in teacher quality, $540 million in literacy and numeracy and $1.1 billion to lift the quality of education in disadvantaged schools.

The Rudd Government is committed to delivering an Education Revolution for all Australian schools.

Transcript 16406