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Wellbeing Plan for Aussie Kids

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Howard, John

Period of Service: 11/03/1996 to 03/12/2007

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Release Date: 21/09/2007

Release Type: Speech

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Eating well and exercising regularly is important for all Australians and especially for children.

Up to a quarter of kids aged between 7 and 15 are considered to be overweight or obese and this makes them more likely to get sick as they get older.

Australia's top science agency - the CSIRO - has developed a quick an easy guide for healthy eating and living for kids.

It recommends water rather than sugary drinks for thirsty kids, plenty of fruit, vegetables and wholegrains and healthy snacks like an apple over chips and lollies.

Children should be encouraged to get out and about - they should be active for at least an hour a day and every morning should start with a healthy breakfast.

It's good advice.

Later today I'll be promoting the CSIRO's new guide which sets out 10 easy steps to follow.

It's part of the government's range of measures to tackle childhood obesity.

Working together, we can all help our kids have a better life.


Transcript 15316