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Howard, John

Period of Service: 11/03/1996 to 03/12/2007

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Release Date: 05/08/1999

Release Type: Speech

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[tape starts]

But I would want to salute the people of Shepparton and the people of the

Goulbourn Valley on the tremendous contribution that they are making to

the economy of Australia. In many ways this is the food basket of Australia

and there is around something like 80 000 Australians employed directly

in the horticultural industry in this country. It is winning new domestic

and international markets. Only a few weeks ago I was in Japan and I spoke

of the way in which for the first time we have been able to get fuji apples

into Japan. It was a pretty hard fight I can tell you, but in the end we

were successful. The first exports are largely going to come from Tasmania

but there is no reason why exports shouldn't spread from other parts of

Australia but it is an illustration of the sort of things that Australia

must increasingly do in the future. Now these enterprises are normally the

product of tremendous skill and dedication and hard work often based on

a family enterprise and Santo, you and your family are illustrations of

that because you built a tremendous business through the dint of hard work

and the dint of application to a very very difficult task and you played

a very significant role as well in the Australian community as a result.

But I also want to say that not only have I had the experience this morning

of talking to and being informed by such a successful operator in the horticultural

industry. I have also had the chance this morning to learn something about

cutting edge youth services. To be told that this great private programme

that takes government services to young people directly to those young people.

I was very impressed with what Rowena and the people from Centrelink told

me about the Project. I want to congratulate the Uniting Church, I also

want to thank the offices of Centrelink and I want to commend to the business

men and women of this and other communities in rural and regional Australia

the desirability of supporting projects like that, there is no reason why

there can't be some commercial association with pluses like that, if you

can have the Uniting Church logo on it, if you can have the Centrelink logo

on it, there is no reason why you can't have the logo of some kind of business

organisation on it because what that does, what that service does it to

take facilities and services directly to young people, particularly in areas

where they may not be available in a building. But ladies and gentlemen

this is not an occasion for long speeches it is an occasion to say thank

you to people like Santo for the contribution that they are making to the

Australian economy and the contribution that they are making to their local

community, the example they set to other small business men and women around

Australia and most importantly the example they set of successful family

enterprises and I want to thank the children of the local school for the

wonderful welcome that I received this morning. It is always the most enjoyable

part of a visit to any part of Australia to be welcomed by the children

of the local community and this morning has been no exception and can I

say again how delighted I am to be here in Shepparton to be sharing the

platform with my colleague and friend Sharman Stone, who is doing an absolutely

remarkable job, a very energetic job, a very important job and can I say

a very pugnacious job when the occasion arises in representing the interests

of the Murray electorate and the people of Shepparton in the national Parliament.


Transcript 11432