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Holt, Harold

Period of Service: 26/01/1966 to 19/12/1967

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Release Date: 14/02/1966

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 1247

FOR PRESS P. M4. No. 12/ 1966
Statement by the Prime Minister, Mr. Harold Holt
Australia has taken decimals in its stride
and Australians can feel proud of the way in which they
have co-operated to make this a smooth transition.
I have been receiving reports today from the
Chairman of the Decimal Currency Board, Sir J,. Valter Scott,
the Reserve Bank and the Commonwealth Treasury. The
enquiries made by these three sources have covered a very
wide field and they have all been able to report to me that
the smoothness of the changeover has exceeded our best
expectations. As anticipated, there have been a few isolated
and minor problems but nothing has emerged so far to cause
any real concern. Satisfactory reports have been flowiing
in from banks, retailers, transport services and all sections
of the community in all of the States.
Based on the first day's results, we can have
full confidence that Australia will readily adapt itself
to its new currency and soon reap the many substantial
benefits that we expect to flow from this more efficient
money system.
14th February, 1966.

Transcript 1247