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Keating, Paul

Period of Service: 20/12/1991 to 11/03/1996

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Release Date: 21/03/1995

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 9517

I am pleased to announce today the formal establishment of a new award in
the Australian honours system the Australian Service Medal 1945-1975
which will be awarded to a large number of Australian service personnel who
did not receive any award for their service in this period.
The creation of this award was one of the recommendations of the Committee
of Inquiry into Defence Awards which reported to the Government in March
1994 and final approval has now been granted by Her Majesty The Queen.
The award' s aim is to recognise service in prescribed peacekeeping or nonwarlike
operations during the period 1945-1975 where recognition has not
extended previously through an award.
The Government will be recommending that the following service will qualify
for the award of the medal:
Service in the occupation of Japan during the period 3
September 1945 to 30 June 1947 with a qualifying period of
days; Service in Korea from 28 July 1953 until 26 August 1957 with a
qualifying period of 30 days;
Service of Australian troops in anti-terrorist operations in the
Thai land-Malaysia border area between 1 August 1960 and 16
August 1964 with a qualifying period of 30 days;
Service of air crew who took part in operations in support of
ground troops during the same period with a qualifying service
of one operational sortie. In addition any member of air crew
who in the period 17 August 1964 to 30 March 1966 flew an
operational sortie in the Thai land-Malaysia border area but did
not qualify for the GSM " Malay Peninsula";

Service of Australian personnel at the Royal Thai Airforce Base
Ubon during the period 1 May 1962 to 31 August 1968 with a
qualifying period of 30 days;
Service as a member of 2 Field Troop Royal Australian
Engineers and other Australian personnel who participated in
Operation " Crown" and served in Ban Kok Talat, Thailand
during the period 1 May 1962 to 31 August 1968 with a
qualifying period of 30 days;
Service in the Territory of Papua New Guinea-from the
formation of the Pacific Islands Regiment in 1951 until
independence of PNG on 16 September 1975 with a qualifying
period of 180 days. This also applies to personnel of all
Services including RAN personnel posted to HIMAS Tarangau
and attached vessels;
Service from 13 August 1948 to 13 February 1975 with the
United Nations including the Military Group in India and
Pakistan ( UNMOGIP) and the United Nations India-Pakistan
Observer Mission UNIPOM with a qualifying period of 90 days;
Service with the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority
( UNTEA) force in West New Guinea during the period I
October 1962 to 1 May 1963 with a qualifying period of 30 days;
Other peacekeeping operations during the period 1945 to 1975
are being examined by Defence authorities with a view to
establishing whether equivalent service warrants recognition by
the award of this Medal. Announcement of which other
operations will attract the Medal will be announced as soon as
the Government has considered recommendations.
The Medals design features the Commonwealth Coat of Arms on the obverse
and is ensigned with the Crown of Saint Edward. The reverse of the Medal
features the Federation Star overlaid with a plinth on which the wearer's
name will be engraved. The obverse and reverse are decorated with clusters
of mimosa blossoms symbolising the presence of Australian service
personnel in overseas peacekeeping and other non-warlike operations. The
accompanying ribbon will have bands of dark and light blue, khaki, green and
gold. The Australian Service Medal 1945-1975 will be placed on the same level as
the current Australian Service Medal in the Australian Order of Precedence of
Honours and Awards.
21 MARCH 1995

Application forms for the Medal can be obtained from:
Navy Director Naval Personnel Services
Medals Section
Navy Office
Department of Defence
CANBERRA ACT 2600 Army Medals Section
Soldier Career IvManagement
Agency Central Army Records Office
GPO Box 393D
MELBOURNE VIC 3001 Air Force
Director Aun1inistfative Review
Air Force Office
Department of Defence
PO Box E33
Queen Victoria Terrace

Transcript 9517