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Keating, Paul

Period of Service: 20/12/1991 to 11/03/1996

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Release Date: 20/05/1992

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 8520

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Now that the full extent and character of the recent
violence in Bangkok has become cl ' earer, I take the
opportunity on behalf of all Australians to express our
horror at the actions which have led to this needless
loss of life.
We are appalled at the widespread use of excessive force
by the Thai military..
The Thai Ambassador is being called in today to the
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to be told of the
strength of Australia's concern over the situation in
Thailand. Our.-Ambassador to Thailand is under
instructions to repeat these concerns at senior level in
Our Embassy In Thailand is closely monitoring
developments in particular the tense stan~ d-off between
pro-democracy demonstrators and troops at Ramkhamhaeng
University. I urge the Thai Government to ensure that
the troops act with maximum restraint to avoid further
bloodshed. Footage of troops firing on unarmed demonstrators outside
the Royal Hotel, and the harrowing scenes depicted in the
hotel lobby and elsewhere, are in tragic contrast with
the great strides Thailand has made in recent years
towards prosperity and stability.
I hope that the Thai Government will do all in its power
to restore conditions whereby political differences can
be resolved peacefully.
The Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr
Kerin, will be closely following developments in
Thailand. We will be looking at our relations with
Thailand in the light of how the situation unfolds.
May 1992 I C_ L_

Transcript 8520