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Photo of Hawke, Robert

Hawke, Robert

Period of Service: 11/03/1983 to 20/12/1991

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Release Date: 14/09/1989

Release Type: Interview

Transcript ID: 7740

JOURNALIST: What can you say to an industry that you can't
compensate PM: Well, let me say first of all, that I have greatly
appreciated the constructive way in which the
representatives of the tourist industry here assembled, have
asked to see me today and the spirit in which they've put
their position. You mentioned compensation, let me say they
haven't asked for compensation and I appreciate that point.
But what they have properly asked for is that, as a
Government, we should recognise, as we do, the considerable
hurt that's been caused to the tourism industry one of our
great industries, one of our great growth industries, in the
past and for the future. They have asked that we understand
the serious problems that have been caused for the industry
generally and, of course, for some particular people in the
industry, grievous problems. we do understand that
situation and I've responded positively to their request
that the Government should look at hdW, in the post dispute
situation, that we can prepare the way for the full
restoration of confidence overseas and within this country
for this industry. We share, the industry and myself on
behalf of the Government, we share the view that Australia
remains one of the most attractive tourist destinations for
people around the world wanting to have a good holiday. And
for people within Australia, it remains a most attractive
country in terms of all the tourism opportunities that are
there. Now, I have ' responded positively to their concerns
and they are going to put some more detailed proposals to me
as to how, together, the Government and the industry, can
rebuild and expand further this great industry. I have
appreciated very much the opportunity of meeting with them
and together pledging ourselves to the rebuilding of this
JOURNALIST: Prime Minister, given the industry's comments
yesterday, I can only assume that one of the pleas they made
to you was to get this dispute ended as quickly as possible.
The pilots now appear to be saying that ' we're prepared to
go flying again as long as there can be negotiations. No
. strings-attached other than that'. Why can't that happen?

PM: Well, I've made quite clear that, as far as the pilots
of this country are concerned, the avenue is there in
increasing numbers and they're taking that avenue. They are
signing up with the airlines. The leadership of the
Federation has created the situation now where they have no
status, they have no members employed in the industry and
those who are signing up have made it quite clear that, as
far as they are concerned, they have a very strong view that
they want no dealings with the Federation. Let me make it
quite clear in saying those things that it is appropriate
that pilots should join up now. The airlines want them, we
want them back. I've never had any dispute with individual
pilots, it's with their leadership. I want to see as many
of the pilots who've served this country back there doing it
again within an airline industry which is going to be a very
much more efficient industry and that, by example, let me
make the further point that it will be my clear expectation
that when those pilots do sign up in that way, which will
accelerate the restoration of a full airline industry in
this country and that's going to happen. If they sign up
quickly then that's going to accelerate the restoration of a
full airline industry. In those circumstances, of course,
there will be a place for an organisation of pilots. We're
not looking at a situation of de-unionising pilots, but
because the Federation has instructed their people to resign
they have no members in the industry. The way is open now
for pilots to rejoin on their individual contracts and, of
course, as that happens, looking to the future there will
obviously be some organisation to represent the pilots.

Transcript 7740