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Photo of Menzies, Robert

Menzies, Robert

Period of Service: 19/12/1949 to 26/01/1966

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Release Date: 17/05/1963

Release Type: Speech

Transcript ID: 742

OMUUG OF THE MOiU 31104 a Tax~ ET. Hmo.
UOGSt CJish" Of 17/ 1963
Xr., Pfsidmnt and Lodie" and Gntlsnom and Parliasontaiy
I mst begs h saying that this In the frst tim
in my public Ut., whieh Is am a fairly Lsogtbi Ono that
I hae oer been 4do , d to ore a fosetiom I tw lsan
ever a landlIfte. am yos, ' a P1residmit I ZedIbI!
iaft= d hr IW frsMi Mr, U& s Alias, Koko oweei4 this
movol Idea and I ; Izasnrmed .4w to do what y have
aO6 It In SnAdod ew of the miracles of moderm ommuethat
I* sittlag as I an In my offis In Cabema * had
be a1ble to speak to Vean the spoit in Nmie and I haa e
bear&. gut st~ lls utso enti* elJ UP to the okilm
I certainly wish I seuld be with you but It I we
with you, I would comne beak later an end fin that the pile
of Vwk an or 60s Which is already to blh had boom
rather W 0r and so I Mst may smething to you ftm a
16mg distane SWO of sas rowr distriot is a le1* btod es.
YOU onetw ye " e~ wtems In the middle of ams * plemia&
emomwe mwv ye am P" eis lee have yewr em
ambitims Los tfhw deo" emt * leo are doveted as I kam
to impwUM the qual1% * f itOm~ and to the ievTiOpmmM
of yo ame an tro Itg Atwlian pWdofttoR sul
Rev Siw, this lia a wdrl thing. These wha hews
omto so s mn" tIA1a city rbllew ULMitpehs
be WLz tsImsbr be ubtt cutry i itsa
1p u there to a *. rtaim stag In mW lioo I an mt
l. i! tf Tm ith the2! rim of the ma em the land# and oven
ithat arms Is A1 w a hwn L hd seft the Mt isenon
chaps and the most to -dm A" vlomeits is the ' eof
or o~ m ifttims This Is as It shold bet becaus. we can begin
aU e tbughs a this Problem br MnYing, " yell Agtwalia
cannot doeep " a she ab@ WA devolop U41446 she atva et people
mid moloss she attracets moey to her serv oe." She malt
attract either people or gas us Less * ba, herself has a wipos
ad growing Iietnommes beeaus a lot of these thmngs e
an the st. LtTooO" a ezILim eVemq
Nw, it Is quite Uam that we hae had em very
happy 4ewl mato of recent es. In the sow of mntetuis
and I h~ ttct will tsom us that will ownsl ts to stand
en t" But it . si wwem asgly time and wll
eintim. to be so fs mr Years that the Weftoa of Aatralia,
Instimly and tlberofte her capsacity to attrat boeth
" is and emp, M. will comtim to depend * VY powfmlly as
ateexors ~ iprliay prouts fri. Australia* An4 we jSt
ma~ t enhavi a pst wime of primwy axpart msom Just
hrwshig fbw i, Wmmmus the primary indstries are ftoing
as they always do, Sweat psobasims. They loquire two thwItg
thr re to oantimma to maooe Tbv require an expanding
nor" as the-PkWladW Vof thing that Ay 14lepW.~
Is nov dis isnmL md and in Geneva and they req~ ar a
stab" tr wisk a~ mo to l" red effsiamy, wil
industrtes Uo pe an to be Prosperous. 4elim
staWblIty of eats Is aomthin that we have deveted a osa-a GO&*
amet of attentiu tog and 20t Witmt mses, an" the " aot

level, buoads has beem stable for tka last tWO yeams
an tWO questi of * e1f olmay enW O.* S
WM asmwith me tt thin does" s m a ti; AOS
slwimtmm, ? Lut of & Ul slemUifl rmssok and
ta. huloe mi s" G Of a Id oder*. *. 1,9w hae. a
y" dadrof thet In AWUstsia. 30,06, WOe " URtmhle Of
the ueelto or " Nat voewok to tshe tial ms m thea fbim.
That is of tnmbumep andM pe bps up to this stalg,
that e I ban meen e stoxW. we uye. a and
4" 1 of thUght to It at the pismnt turn. Andti w so"
sadhi is wzOba e eWueps alio laft whe
plets we a pe nam gowing Interest In both of
tbmu ater omthe pat of the am n the eewitw MA the
am In the eltr. Amu In the city$ an am to my* one
is am i fteia toeat lais ablm I fled In wim
aiss teaslg Interest in the Beb9l b i " s the t0141
tosmeenzudq I dst th1* It islways inelised bow pest a
pfts Inplaye IA this onliveing of Interest In thee pu'oblems
1Wth e itutal and posthss societies of Aatislia.
lour tohevw h I m about to*" is us
œ ist boef thee thisp. e It IS
. esentiaWl am ppert-mty for all lef you to get tegethe. to
OW ' whet you a" ~ ag to ame whet ameby * Is is 6lag
to 3. mptove the isles of eru and peecta mr
the fito and vt ansa ploutarel s setorei sooety & e
all ovo kastalia and in yorplue In pawtia LaI to bring
tosetber, Wot may ae but'ieasy kving tolpther not only
sea" so but = veeul œ n tegthtw for the bmnftt of pol
I" live In a town = w the bevefit lot peeple vtm live ai
fbwu -0 andImag of ho mus the? aeel. j dePed UPOR
emsob other* it thes ts aw Ulm I hevo learu. ed ia the omus
of 1W poliml We* b it Is that not mee of me ia Awtralia
amu veho self. t The old days whan you weo iet i&
frmw of m ua cbtuulg or you oneo is tbvou of taumlag beesmee
T ecouldat be in favourt of bethp those WiA fats hoe we.
a: oatw TW we at wem. w at all stages the rights
or eas Of us = A 1 spe04lu as a se 10ws a lawyer' beflom
he lommol aa . O re t WIth the greatest Plsses
that tos otimg~ SeIia spiep etme preservation of
the peat unsl 1ullnie, their bulMiin hir laarssi9AN
. mcileaw, so ta In years to som thy ean met troubles,
tioablea ails., ad suRVIVe USE
girt I oftgetulate Y Society an Its laa
hommble " W" a in this a". U I eigaate the ws of
mmea om hawing 06slekuted Its usuwlast youro I ompstWLat
all aedmys t I belle" to be YomW lvev~ aehie" Onh a
the mtiaml 11.14 of 46evelopeet a" evh
AMdq Uthei, * ra& siUlttalee of * tat I
lae slov, leeyawt l o
4Ihoe Lwt w Loelmieth we hwsisa bdynp
of teiOW4044s0

Transcript 742