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Hawke, Robert

Period of Service: 11/03/1983 to 20/12/1991

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Release Date: 14/03/1983

Release Type: Correspondence

Transcript ID: 6053

FOR MEDIA 14 March, 1983
I have received messages of congratulations and good wishes
from President Reagan, Vice President Bush and Secretary of
State George Schultz on the election of my Government.
Each expresses, in the warmest of terms, their intention to
work closely with me and my Government.
President Reagan referred to the long tradition of friendship
and co-operation between the United States and Australia
and to the many close ties between our countries which are
the product of our shared interests and values.
I have responded to the President, referring to the fundamental
importance of the relationship between our countries and
indicating that my Government's approach in this relationship
will be that of a constructive ally.
The President expressed the hope that, in order that he and
I can put our relationship as friends and allies on a more
personal basis, I would be able to visit Washington in the not
too distant future.
While my immediate priorities rest with pressing domestic issues
and preclude such a visit for the next few months, I hope that
it will be possible to take up the President's invitation before
too long.

Dcar Mr. Prime NMinisi or:
P 3aCcacseop t my warin congra Liu lations on t4te electoral
victory of the Austrailian Labor ] Party as weit as my
best w. ishes for the success of your Government.
The United States and Australia have a long tradition
of friendship and cooperation. This relationship
springs from our common heritage and has been reinforced
over the years by the innumerable close ties between our
peoples. These bonds between us have not been created in
a vacuum, but are the product of our shared interests and
values. This commonality of interest is reflected in our
partnership in the ANZUS Alliance a partnership which
clearly transcends military ' and security needs and has
come to encompass a broad range of political, economic
anrid cultural interests.
As you shoulder the many burdens of government, I want
you to know that, as a friend and ally, I intend to work
closely with you, as I did with your predecessor, in
pursuit of our many shared goals. In order that we may
put this relationship on a more personal basis, I hope
that you will be able in the not distant future to visit
Washington. If you agree in principle, we can work out
mutually convenient dates.
Again, my best wishes to you and your Government on the
tasks that lie ahead of you. Sincerely, / s/
Ronald Reagan

Transcript 6053