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Photo of Fraser, Malcolm

Fraser, Malcolm

Period of Service: 11/11/1975 to 11/03/1983

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Release Date: 15/09/1980

Release Type: Speech

Transcript ID: 5439

A GM 1.1
FRMSDXA M'NA-15 f' nJ'VTVM1-j_ 1980
Bloth T~ mio ari I are de33. Ichted to be abla to jin~ Yon. Alu thisV
is all the wore so now thait. all iipoyttsnt. fcdrO3 L~ oieofl As
only a matter of weeks away,
TIM decislori we will all faee as AurtCalians, . i-i a) Impor) tant
onle. Por It IF a decision to choci-ai Govers )) nt with P03ieies,
patst perfo-tanoo, and respcrnsibl~ ity in leadoxship which w4ill
criable us, as a rnation, to respondjl~ 1r; uccessfu. lly to tlihe aha11301jes
Of the 80S. By thlese StallaarEs, thjt Liberai/ iation4s Cov. ntry
party Conlittion has a proud clalirr to Gcovornmmnt in this clo otiofl
And in I. hc-years nheaed.
I Specirlly . iS this so sjnoe, by this, you wi31 have noticed thatK
the L. abor Party want uoi to imagine that thny havo two and A bi. t
lc0aderS. I ami told thatj subict toN il~ efsSiOfl the
Combxi 110 pajoes ( V the Labhor Ji. Ao a iq abouit. ) 50. Already oliqflhOc
for two~ and ona-U'iircl oldi ztqj pens. 1on~ ri. to wo-ndor they want.
to turn Miptra3let into a w~ c9c4) c state,
Dout I have no dIoubt that Liberal~ p rnciple.; nrc thosc-t-onl 101i oh
tho flajC3) ity of~ Axistralians want Govornment, in the 80S to bo
basod. Yet What wo inust nvoC3 for Supromtacy of our vII1ueft, ouir 0O11U)-~ wWp2yA Od f I: P-ii.
ft coni~ nxi~ g one, Arnd elections xcii us that. IMi 2rallm Canf
only bo an stron~ g as thosec who, belit-ving . irj it, are proprod
to fight for it. By zjny standerds, wo arn well ariied for the
Corning elcotion buttle.
VhC P~ oducti1vc partniershi p betwoen Gtc. vernment Anid A n~ tv ioua
Auttaliani In the las fieyutr has~ reard th%, nationAl
oonfidtence. ' Now we , itancl at t. hc-t qf~ teCA~ Y of al ne( w deC-d~, I' Mkch
behttor plitocd than many of our ov. r -eans icjnpC-tit)! f; Otir
finialcial Position IV U10o nvy of ruany * irido t. riilise1I~ cu
Our buiiines; confif nce ip, h cjh )-nfhe(~ idenicC Of overseas
irvovugtcrs hias Itilly r highest for the decadle. Our baiemnc of bradni Was tho reFsult
for thO, ( 1004 was the best lor ton yoars, aid under th) is Govorrinient., Au:,-tvalials
poIcice9 ahd . Init.. iatives have won for us n rosp~ ed )" lace ill
world affairs.

But mir achlovomontsti re mi-? e1 tt)) i 111matter og aa) ' Ti th 10ttm' 3t. 0
FOX, 41 VICeW r" ir~ at now 0WO~ l1miJ2Lf" Ien., C. l~ Jrj6M Rl
new confidence . ill our future havo lec-n 1 d0O we Wvflt
* ouir elre,-is of tho f ktUT-C to LC t. MW 10 thr, 8br i~ i~~
Nan we trozt our liird-w~ on vicborje; t~ o th. ~ abor Pirty -thc: Party
ox PrOVC3VI falu Nowhere watt this faililre mora cvieient than il
t0he0s sJn'i ; m aind rqloom that grippoo Fa tal3it in 1975. Iisfiatios
had Acenesved n3nost four-fold Ln threc years. Yedcral award wajoa i
ror-C by 38t ill ono yenr.. undlcr Vx. Iizsyael, coiOflWnwon1th henlth
expond! tueo rose by over IO int1 onn year . lrseome tax
rose by 125; nr thrc-0 yeara, anO the Bucdjet deficit rose~ by nelOry
$ 3,000 rtili22. a
DD Wi oWnt. 0or~ naw national walth' b transfornme0 into tis k id
of rsationnI debtL? Is thS. a the track* down which Ai trnaia is to
travel again ill the Con~? The Choico con ' it13
clcnri na tho SonOO Of COPMli t Me)) t to ItraiA'S f" Lku-: t that1-h a r
hooh VanratC3 derives prcdomintint3y from the p~ rior. ity ws ' WivLu giver,
to the -fight agai nst Inflation,. For inflahtiomn has a destruotive
CnpacitY to put I) Iivieuflv, busliInl iln( tile nlatiofl's ec. urlty ' at
J 0' 1tv t rik'eS At t. e: leas odtn h feVAfo
th iok# tho 0111, tho disrtva) t Ted, a theowncm er
T. hat is wily wo will pers. isit dith thii*. fight. , Anid t~ o dlato, in
abgodute nnd ? e3. ative temTi, we* aro ahend. F~ ro~ m i levol as high
aes 17t 1975, Jf3AtioIl fc-311t2an to 30.7-S. it , o more than4
two pocentacje' pointsi below tlhat of rAmrica, all poroOntago Points balow that of Dxitaan, -J
O1r aj. VflCtiOn the . inf3atiori front have Lbeen widely acAC-Imed1
e6vell by Sorno of o11T opponontx. EV'ort Mr. Waa is on xoorc as tayinq.
" L. ot mie qive credit whoro crcdit is clue 31oonf the 1ChilcJs
( the Priiie tti. n" kitor) has aachcv( c1 iv. brini-ing inflationl down,
Anid a1), of yoati Would be a., 9ire What a mnssB. vo task that has been. And
how son,-viery .'-ough 0coi-sdons heivo had to be t cik en tO 1chiov(. e
thal3t 1 tji1) k thntlfi fai~ r enougjh don't you?
Il WJ~ oultd eonamic Order, where major economfies throughoxit
the worIM are srugilinci, tho priorlty we mkift gIive to' the fight p
agin{ 3. Inilataio-is as; vaILid as Lt hZas eovr be. what is also
being icreal~ ngly h'ept. o) w 1t( WRId isJ th. nee4 ' to suppor'* thle
beitte & gciinst~ inflatiLon io\ iLh restrai~ rt Covarnient cq:) niturc.
. Tn the f9lnoncial yoir-ju,-t cridee, woc ach'icVod tht 1nrgoj"' t vCW0-
) rocordod rc~ a tio-n An tho, 1rui c 15b ' Llo. AdI 11~ i
fil'-nonial yCir, thcn dorw~ stio c oficeit. will be (. lljnrinatod U~ thtkr.-J
it is nobhievc-melli's l5Xr th-is' tha~ t have holpp-A to i'niac "' S
Co" 1potit'. ve ?. Nua3n '-1o'rle ylarlcota. And thor. Rchic-vC. InCrts have wn
eccnt alirvey of flritis, in)\ toetors ( port~ od them ns niyillq thcey4
ha' cori . dO'lri( ill tLle A11rtrala coon'yliy Whiroh they 0. OIl ) lot. et
cehrc tis n confienco they sa'ie ( ItndI I usc thair wo~ eds, not
nmi Il) kqhi) cJ' is 6' o0) c3itjiona]. upon) LIhe-o . ut icl( ir Liberal.
CGovc-flnALlm) -L Oxrvp oiour own demorit. rL-at-c the. i.. w 4 n SI of

Tho mcoert IDepartmonvt of Inisy andl conmowrcc Suvoy Anlicates
that 9 billion Worth cf mnajor rosoum~. prc cectR are3 eithcx
mnd.-r way Or about to go, Doesn't that cntltlte us to have~
ooflfidoflCO optimit i n tho futkirc: o~ f Aukltralia? Yo( t, didnl't.
Mr-. )! nytc-n ty zi . yeair Wmjo that, the 80v~ would ti* a den of dospa~ ir?
YA3Kl didn't ho say a couple'. of wcLoks tji that the 80-. w~ m) d-be A
de" Ad-oll" deciadcI.
Pohp this is ' JufJt itoth(! Ac by-pre.') uot of V, HydeJn's mem~ bership
of the troikit zaj i littlec bit of Wrzmaxior. Norietheless, Stich
st-atmnA4 of poss~ jii anid glooW. have no p~ ct it) Aku1~ tr~ dial
f uture. They cdmonstxcate the . inempacity of thc't XLbor -Party to of f e.
natiomil inspiration anId fatiop;-i lLoaderEbhip Ancl tht is perh Ap
Why the Labor~ I Party have chosen t~ o hi1d C t h r pOIi t4 5! C aed.
Dut who are th( oy t~ yi. ng t~ o h~ dc himc bohind? Smoec Who ought to
have onclku 11 to do here ill New.-Sual wale-s. It wokild bo hzuc1i to find
ainyone Sin $ Sydn~ y* w ho dild not bellev6 that Mr, Wr n has many
pC'(~ ems Oi 111-F hands~ r-iCjht herc, which cdemtandi perbaps, more of
his time, aml it good deal Yaore. of his skill, 1. h-ar he has cvo f ar ji vonl
to thom.
Tho othor person~ r ls'a Man who ift not even* r in Pa'rlinmieflt. WhAt e10c8
that say for thce Parliaontymehz of tho hmst~ ail ~ brPry
hlow barron thoy ftm and how ( VeiUtuto they aro.
of ( ooAirse, Labor aml inflatirl go together; most Politicial pries I
get by wi. th orw loador. Labor neeelt~ thro3e. ta. I u s to bo expecteC. d
ils it tukea three m~ en to car'ry aroincl Labor' c' elcttion promlises.
WbOthcZ7 thEl Latbor hd(, r~ hip ( tom-3t in one'' s or tlhreels it
) aric't ignmore the siijnificanL achiecm ents in Australia ( 1ur~. th
la1 t llvc: Years -achlevehionts which erivo pyilmar'lly from the
cffently Ilm~ p: oc( e '-ttt of coon-mA( hcsalth. Becaki'o of this, n eazt.
pxorjr. tammn; of ntional 1. dOVe 1opytirtt is t ncler way.
it dCve~ jcpnIvjt. Wyhch tin part, a r( espoj' pct to the 0j. crises
of the 70s. More importantly, it As a ref Ieotiov of thc Covenm'nt2 a
recocnpit io orif the-opporAn iti e6 that the, r c (, risœ es havco f~ rovidod.
ThO Anorellsed prioO, soarcity, and uncortainty of oil supisare
loadinlg niot only to it ticitroh for new sorccs of oil; 13S~ O
Snrc~ fE~ ni1 rnecociniion of the valic! of i~ sx1asother onergy
r'eporvou of coal kymuWm and Ilto'al gas. A d wo are sco' 3i-cj t aj!
c( xzmif'of of energy lnc~ riivuo l ties, c.-pctAzlay nluminiin
We shoutlc not, however, imaqlile thait larq and speotaocular ocs'
firlD tho only, or owen thc b) vic, mmoCe 0f ecolmic! development.
Smnal. l-scale enrterpri eo g4rvingj Atitralim Air dus-try -And cciraamxœ r,'
emrp3 oYinuj hustr~ al~ m an xnmir 11An tre v uiI. s a , deoiq
now prodicts and toohnoldgio4 iil~ v no less significamt. it Wokild bo
qmitpe Wroifl to seet Austral'ja's, growth1 it-flic: 1980as as synxbo onl
by massivo mines or vaot minoira. i processing plants. Al~ 2
V* -j

No~ le'ss Important will bo the e~ fforts of m'any IhCXucal( 11 c~ nIU
b1s. illovrie?. Th offort's whl'oh, wh3 1c I i( v5Aui1y X~
collectivcly mn~ te 1) +~ oo mut o ImAol ) 1-ciq
indeed, it 5 s only throxic wc z) 1 t I rntti. e d by Z31 t I ii a ci viy Y1
that tile GovOr1* men6t is able to contimv: its PrO116i coml--itmelC3t to 4LO. ZC
int. tho cortumunSity who nctod oom-help.
ii-ip not a ( 6103tion of clovelopriont. f or devO OpmentE 6 mke. The
jultAificat1on for olir dc-IMcation to nationn. 1 eevolopmni-ft thAt
throucjh the wealth~ it gencratos, njore. r; im m~ orre Tus. xalicir-( Ire able
to 3cadI tho Xin'd of li~ fe to wb~ ch thcy oire rightfull3y
As libme incijeation of this, S. ino we c( tIm to offjiov, $ 600 rn31io lmaj
bee~ n Spomt oil wmnpower and trainngr n~ for tho wleinp3oyf 1;
ime 570,000 Amstra3i'Ains havc be~ en awitc LY those prograwfles ! n
the 3ast four years. over 230,000 wll be acpistecl th.~ yezir.
AndI. to emcable those whto Lir unonmploycod to SCOPk Part-time vlorlt f ront
Novoinbox 2, a . apor , noipcto~ u t % qlclp ply to imemrploymoflt
benofits. Ase n resi2 t, somearin on im1flffljlOyToVt bone. fit C-1ani rig$ 0
n vioek w~ ll be $ 22 a week bottcor off,
oil) askanti'ce to ag~ l, to famjlies, to th? haricic". 1ppd I to
migrnnts And to Aborlcjinajse, hn-a-so r provldod new and 111IagSnati'cbenef
its. Anfd aill th~ has boort dlom. withir-it framrework of
rosponsible econofmio ntajomont. lAnd il Tmcipanebtenceonc t
-i43 hardl~ y sonlothintg wh. i h cojaj-rc: A-1up tonh. of thce J~ aboY '_? rty-
)' 3most eVeZx' Ma~ y of c-r wccx" this Y~', rr I'Ar. H1ayden has bceen pi-omisincj
to spc'nd txqay-cersl monoy. Sc fzmr he. iv 6omrc~ tted to Over 300
Separcate Spondingjc~~ itet which~ oi oot Ammbral~ i anl t, pycthosnds-
of m, i 3. ionsi of do. 1ars; vwhich woulcl c st~ coy ChO Livinci
otanec~ rda of tho indivIjumi3 Anstral3ians % 411 mTus3t paY for~ them
UThough hijhelr taxnon,
is thiœ' bcjqpcrng aml high It. nation N. hat li.-; tr A Iia vl: int. S
tile SOO~ C& A AUsitrn1. i, Affcrd-c thc 2" l, l~ or Paxty*' : m only Sx pol~ cy.
arcaf4, 14or is oommiltte1 to gpetne $ 2,500 million, cop) fatCos t
cEVh )\ iitrel~ i r, tnlxpjtyc!; of a wee%, Are yoo~ . prepa'rocl to Jet
Mr. 1iayde-n ptit his hands, into your pocket?
Iti Mr. ) Jay( lthn who pcc.; A to nmounIt c.-mpa. 1cp ab urstra3 ial
Living to art. Mc' thatt, maotar. a2l, inns are
of f. Tho only apn: opridito ba ist the-. int , rncrtio3Thlly hccvpt_'-%
for m2Ea~ r~. fg lVLflC Standads is to Pk. Ocj ' aaro'D th( t-,-113L
Aus traa. i ari ar~ e cjaarigm nO qe! r-in. n jose rolyh. e;. gtora
iubow thaflt Y igs.~ a o~ h disposmablc inccnne., hetweenm
1075h/ 76 and 1979/ ,1 hat& risonr by Oio~ iot 2t. i is ccjtvZ11cnTt to
nbout $ 7 ai weclk, at l1979/ 80 pricons, iox a fwnily of four.
On the fsrpbrlding ido, the figmires . uhow that 95/ 76 and~ 1979/ 8031
; roal private e0. puAcincXri itr-po heaPd of ' pOp) 1t'ioTl rsc: in
Austral~ ia by over 441, In other wods ustraliant are e nct rLoorc,
on averiigo, andl I. fl) ontiincl norc thnn thoy wexi:-in 1975.

plut thero ar~ e otlhcr ac-ocntoni1yn~ m ew~ res of ii vi ncl
oindaTr( Th. A'monca-t those* is, a ) cucwntof thc' nu'v~ ber rif vehiolo
m)( 1 tc* olaholoc' perc thollsand popku1U. in Dn 3975/ Ut thern wf-rc
366 vehcoloa per thaxisn popuIntiori in Atralia; . iAJ'& t 3al$ t
f~ winolill year thore wore 219; anl ivicrow,, e of nonrhly
In 1975/ 76, there worv 26' j %, Orvjoo.,. pe~ r flicaiand ): opxizit. ionj
in thc last flnnnoi1,3 ydar theme wore 3101 a)) nrcapte of 36%.
Qite 01ilfl) ly, 14r. ) taydcnr has linr3td t~ fde3 tAindincj of thu extel. It.
and( 3O01o 9ecquecr. of txyAt'jipxrovcd Ocajjno'C hcoalth. it is 11o
wondor 1Clm Jones$ 0116. of tho bre m~ e( mbfc1r s of thOw
hstra) ian-Labor Party, felt iliclin'ed rcenrt ly to rcmazrk that, " it. ir
rccogjnisedt that Sill flaycnhn has it~ tcd li cannot road i 1b1,1alc*
taeeL1 , woll, I w~ okid tbink that. Z* WdIIl(-bo politicali le~ ader Who
annollt read a bill-mroc 11heet iA; sboi as motlan. honcqtsorut-
ine( r at a sycinay Lnlbo) Pairty prc r(: lection ba'i-lot.
P'ortxinitc3 y, Mr:. llaydcen . irt not gOincj to be lot ionoc by thO hkst3ral
elentorate on thve balance shctts of thW s nntA on,
iatit aptiirt from tro~ iAn and balance sheets, one 1U3vth 1 deVOlopmlflht
c~, orn. inrmfli c ) 3caideriihlp v. tallimr within t-ho wabior i. arty. All thil. yi. b',
tho mocdin havo? carried stor~ o,-of the! rovc--nent. by the-LjaQ:' 11' nty
to the SOOil iSt Iftf., It ie niot M~ alcoflm FXc~ r A'yin1( 1 t> i*-. t
Mr. )) aYdenl Is a priv~ one'r of th l~ oci a3 . i t le-ft. 7prAl thip em
B4i ~ 3ll art3cy proncau~ ed Mr. ) itayde'n l'the c-1, nbc'r Ioad ( r for
the 00 0CAi~ list left T1' O1% Y, Dlill ) Irtoy 1: e) I is qkltf pl~ ie
1" that the socla3li, t left ( hs) ; roga3lnd ede-facto Control of the
( Vctorian) Branol), espec. a'Lcj. y inl t areas cif po13Ac From the3 ro() ts of tlic Party : i t~ ief eccqn thc( adJœ~ ira hat
' Mr. ) 1aycen and the Lilbor Party are. In the hands of left wig Sovi,: t
fsypthi eTS Ih-i s rnu , t stiroly be iitte of grave ( 0OUrlCZt to all
Au rtt Ii nfI~ n. the deca( e zlhoad Whenr iol d( afiOen~ ceO awdi foreign
poL& cy jpt-ions face-tho nation. Is this the tw to be luxem: c r
in ow-von blitcmnt t~ o democeravy? le, tlhis the t~ fl. to he xmc2Ltical
of iocial:. . i l and eoTmxwni 1d? i1n t thi s the ti),. 0 for crtitrtlent,
of v. olapromlise? Isn't. this. thlb Ulu-~ c for aotion ~ t. dof rociy
3 do not walit to spend-ar~ y more 13mo onj-tho Labor 1, m-ty; th-cp, tzre
o() ndeflmc.-( ouit of the r own~ mu~~ bt ono fnali thi nj; Irt 1,11 no.
tOd(--n Mr. Wzar) lonti to ( jot. into tho twaditi ornl 1, bor -v of i biis,
Todayl. pa~ pers rcyac'ct a statemetrlt by the. pill-kip bo~ y of the.-FvdEtral
Labor Party that tho Cowtrymer't. i ' s coa t(! replIn ti 1-1 oon-qcr3pti3n. Stich a stat~ mient. is Ybav-e on thec most. traspornt
untruth, if Mr. Wran is g~ oingc to ( won . rpcaln , Omet.& c that: he
knows to bo fwtsej lie . Is lot coin9j to advnfco hi ' wren u~ a.~
hcre or arn'wherf? ese. If th( Ud. the only policy the Lnbor Peirty
hilve, to repeC-At. fa), sehbod, thcn the-y aro a harnParty indeed,
Mr. Killen has inicatell ove.. r audi 0\ 1(; r an; that sw~ h an
iii belesr-s I hav dicUtej t. bat v -ito. lly wiU\ Cokit foll1( lation
EAud I ro-af i rM tha~ t stand toli ght..

Those Who P) oP0,5zte t) 10Oe EOrtfi Of h cto
of tho 1c0torz te, bic~ h I YhAVC, no ( 1,311, A the LnbcA N3irty will
reomivc. And, vJ110. y, J have. 110 do10b. thcat tho 701'( 1n 1" Ux~ rAl
M0VI~ t~ twfl, qoit. A~ Itrnci a, WM Con3 ibuL { qIfient!,' t
thlit rejvotion. Tho. taR ? ihectd of tic-is ChI. 1e2V1J3) in but : 3XOC.. fCI
i t is n taA. Whioll We flu'at coml:) 10-to . if the c~
pOLste-ial that Lies hoforci mo Is to bi-: fiIlly rcri1isO. f
It' Is a ttC), whiolh cir. to with it groat. ~ cso& iiyandl grent
trutt. Wc are ecjwm2 to both. I orn confi'dent thast inl tho~ wooks
ihcad ci oAforts wil~ l bq. icr'l andi bonc.-i. ial to the
ioncj-term n 3terxoLts of iafl Mistraliins.

Transcript 5439