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Fraser, Malcolm

Period of Service: 11/11/1975 to 11/03/1983

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Release Date: 09/11/1979

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 5192

From the Press Office
The Federal Government is keen to lend money to the States
for new coal-based electricity projects and it has called
on them to submit any proposals they have. In a statement
released in Canberra, the Minister for Trade and Resources,
Mr. Anthony, has said the proposals would be considered for
financing through the Loan Council. However, Mr.' Anthony
said the proposals would have to involve new projects and
not programmes already approved. The Deputy Prime Minister
said increases in world energy prices and recent disruptioins
to the supply of crude oil had drawn attention to the importance
of Australia's massive coal reserves and their use in
generating electricity. Mr. Anthony said coal offered a
relatively low-cost alternative to expensive and increasingly
expensive petroleum products. As well, it provided an
attractive energy source for industry. Mr. Anthony said Loan
Council financing of coal-based electricity projects would
help ensure that Australia had adequate electricity during the
next decade and beyond.
A bid is being made for the biggest takeover in Australian
corporate history with the sugar group CSR seeking to get
full control of the Queensland coal producer Theiss Holdings.
CSR is offering $ 373 m ' illion for the shares in Theiss which
it 6oes not already own. This follows last month's share
raid in which CSR paid $ 84 million for a 19 per cent holding
in Theiss.
I ran: diplomatic efforts to release the 6.0 American hostages
in Tehran have intensified, but Peter Barnett reports from
Washington that the Carter administration remains helpless
in its efforts.
Mrs. Roslyn Carter has arrived in Bangkok on her mission
to see what more can be done for Kampuchean refugees. She will
spend two days visiting refugee camps.
Some air fares between Australia and . Japan are likely to go
down by as much as 46 per cent at the beginning of next year.
Qantas and Japan Airlines have reached a compromise
agreement on the new fares, subject to approval by the
Australian and Japanese Governments.
A new Japanese Cabinet has finally been announced, a month
after the general election. The Prime Minister, Mr. Ohira,
has chosen a Cabinet which observers say represents all
major factions in the ruling liberal democratic party.
A vaccine to prevent German measles is being withdrawn from
the Australian market because of fears that some batches may
not be effective. The drug is made in Belgium by an
American company. / 2

The largest dam to be constructed in Australia, the
Dartmouth Dam in North Eastern Victoria, will be officially
opened today. The dam has taken four years to build at a
cost of $ 138 million. It has been built under a joint project
involving the Commonwealth Government and the Governments of
Victoria, N. S. W. and South Australia.
The Queen has approved 19 bravery awards under the Australian
system of honours and awards. The Governor-General has
announced that 16 of the awards have gone to people involved
in two sea rescues in N. S. W. on January 10 this year.
The BBC is in trouble over its use of armed IRA menlin an
incident staged for a documentary on Northern Ireland. The
British Prime Minister, Mrs. Thatcher, has ordered an investigation.
The Federal and Northern Territory Governments held talks in
Canberra yesterday to try to avoid a confrontation over land
sovereignty in the Territory. After the talks between the
Chief Minister, Mr. Everingham, and the Deputy Prime Minister,
Mr. Anthony, a spokesman said both men agreed they did not want
a confrontation and talks would be held to find an amicable
conclusion. 000---

Transcript 5192