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Fraser, Malcolm

Period of Service: 11/11/1975 to 11/03/1983

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Release Date: 20/05/1979

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 5049

FOR MEDIA 20 MAY, 1979
The Prime Minister has written to Premiers and to the Chief
Minister of the Northern Territory, outlining the
Government's decision to extend the free issue of the
Australian Flag.
For many years the Government has issued the National Flag
free to schools, orphanages, recognised youth organisations
and National and State sporting bodies. This has helped
to foster, particularly in young people, respect for and
familiarity with the National Flag and a knowledge of
its correct use.
In response to wide national interest in the flying of the
Australian Flag the Government has decided to extend the
official free-issue of the Flag. From 1 July the
following additional groups will be eligible:
Community service groups, including ex-service
organisations, Apex, Lions, Rotary, senior
citizens' clubs, and the Country Women's
Association; Benevolent and welfare organisations including
Red Cross and Legacy;
Homes for handicapped persons;
Church and religious bodies;
Ethnic organisations, and
Sporting clubs.
All requests for the National Flag'should be made through
a member of the Commonwealth Parliament.
It is estimated that nearly 2,000 free-issue flags will be
distributed to eligible groups during the current financial
year. This number will increase-considerably when the new
groups become eligible.
Arrangements are being made for tenders to be called with
Australian Flag manufacturers for the supply of flags to meet
the expected future demand. Funds will be allocated in the
Budget for this need. / 2

Since last November the Government has also been
distributing free cassettes of special recordings of the
National Anthem " God Save the Queen" and the National Tune
" Advance Australia Fair" to the groups now eligible to
receive the free-issue flag. As from 1 July this free
issue of cassettes will be extended to those new groups eligible
to receive the National Flag. Requests for these cassettes
should also be made to a member of the Commonwealth Parliament.
The Government has also arranged for the production of new
colour photographs of Her Majesty. the Queen for distribution
within the community. These are new photographs showing the
Queen wearing the insignia of the Sovereign Head of the Order
of Australia. Copies of these photographs are available free
to any group, association or person in the community who will
display them in a proper and dignified manner. Requests
can be made through a member of the Commonwealth Parliament
or to the Department of my colleague, the Minister for
Administrative Services who has separately announced that his
Department will have responsibility for the distribution of
all these items.
These are all matters which contribute to the identity of
Australia as a nation. The Government's initiative in making
them available serves to meet the wishes of the community.

Transcript 5049