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Fraser, Malcolm

Period of Service: 11/11/1975 to 11/03/1983

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Release Date: 07/12/1977

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 4589

People have a clear choice in this election.
Liberal policies of development and confidence our policies
of success or Labor's policies of futility and fear,
their policies of failure?
There's no real choice. Labor's way just won't work.
Australians now have an opportunity to move with the Liberals
into the 1980' s arnd beyond with a new found confidence, a new
spirit, a new sense of security and a new sense of national
purpose. We've done the first stage of the job. Now we're ready to carry thiq
momentum through into a new era of prosperity and development.
That will mean jobs.
We've brolken the back of inflation we've halved Labor's big
spending deficit we're getting Australia on the move with
$ 6,000 million of new developments ready to go.
That will mean jobs.
We've ended the Labor tax rip-off. Indexation had reduced
everyone's personal taxes already. They will be cut again from the
first of February. That will mean jobs.
It will be worth working overtime again. We'll boost demand
and jobs with another $ 26 million a week going into
the economy.
We're getting interest rates down. In the next 12 months that
will save young couples buying a home $ 10 a week on repayments.
A quarter of a million low income people pensioners, widows,
students and others won't pay any tax or fill in a return
after February.
We have the real answers to N~ nemployment; a total approach.
Investment means jobs; getting interest rates down mcans jobs;
holding down wasteful spending by governmients cutting taxe-: s;
halving inflation -that means jobs jobs people can keep.

We're spending $ 100 million for job assi!-Lancc and training.
That helps peop-le of all ages learn new skills, find better
jobs. And we're confidenL that unemployment will be Corning
down from February onwards.
The Liberals have a coherent, realistic programme of dynamic
policies to meet Australia's needs. They are consistent,
carefully costed0 Above all, they have been shown to work.
With recovery underway, a new period of growth and expanding
job opportunities is within our grasp. Thi~ s is an opportunity
that might not come our way again for a long time if we
let it slip past. We can be a stronger, richer, more
mature and more caring society.
Australians are ready to play their part in this return to
prosperity. This Government the Liberal National Country Party Governmentis
ready to lead our nation with firmness and fairness towards hat
better future.

Transcript 4589