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Fraser, Malcolm

Period of Service: 11/11/1975 to 11/03/1983

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Release Date: 14/02/1977

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 4321

AND C.;, B11-1 F OtRG7': I S,' L1 T
Tho Exacutive Couuci. I h-as ziiuprovod
establishnc-n: changos in the D:. na,~ n of the Prinec_
Minister arn3l 7ainct. The changes resuLlt from a , cneri2. r-view
and rec o ti.:-iridations bv the PulcSer21 F-oarkl : o
detailed examination undler normail Public Servi-ce! Act.
procedures. The 01qanisation has brought senior
positions in the Dei., art~ enL iWn. 0 line wi Lh those in
o'ther major pcartme!-, t:-such ; z; TreasurN andl D.! Co.
The chanaces arc, being acco-)!= cdate1-d w. ithin
the exiztincj staff c~ l; aof eDe. rcrt
chart ana furt -her detl-ails auLthe re-organisatiori
are available fromn thre Prime Miini qter' s Press Offr i;: e.
14 February 1.977

Charts of the old and new organisations and a comparison
table are attached.
Cost The new Second Division structure approved represents
in salaries an additional $ 51,630 p. a. However, it is
estimated that, but for the restructuring new functions would
have resulted in additional Second Division salaries of
$ 151,680 p. a.
Purpose The changes have been necessary because of a steady
accretion of departmental responsibilitis since the last
major re-organisation took place midway through 1973. The new
administrative arrangements settled last year by the Government
have had a marked effect on the Department. Attention is drawn
in particular to the Prime Minister's statement of 18 November
1976. This referred, among other things, to the need for the
Department to expand its policy development and program
evaluation roles.
Public Service Board Examination
The Board's review covered such matters as pattern of
organisation, distribution of functions, workloads, lines of
control, authority behind functions undertaken, work value etc.
The Board's work value review had regard to its approach to
position classification which reflects the 1975 National Wage
Case guidelines. There was substantial agreement between the Board and
the Department. There were some issues upon which agreement was
not reached.:
Timetable Preliminary work, which is significantly reflected in the
re-organisation commenced in May 1976. Discussions commenced
with the Public Service Board on 3 December 1976. The Board's
decision was received on 4 Fcbruary 1977. Executive Ccuncil
approval was given on 11 February.
No decisions have yet been reached, on th. e question of
staffing the new organisation, although obviously-the staffing
. of the new structure is a matter for priority cor.. ideration.
The claims of existing staff for promotion must, of
course, be a major consideration in stafl'ing the new organisatioi
However, it is by no means an automatic -; rocess to promote
existing staff. Promotion is on merit. It is expected that
there will be an appropriate mixture of promotions from outside
and within the Department and these will be gazetted in due

Salary Level Current Positions Approved Positions Difference Net Increase
In lt-Uoglii bj LiUL iii Payroll pou.
Level 6 3 3 $ 105,531
$ 35,177 p. a.
Level 4 4 9 5 $ 153,050
$ 30,610 p. a.
Level 3 9 2 7 $ 198,282
428,326 p. a.
Level 2 1 18 17 $ 442,714
$ 26,042 p. a.
Level 1 23 4 -19 -$ 451,383
$ 23,757 p. a.
TOTAL 37 36 1 8 $ 51,630
It is estimated that new functions, but for the restructuring of the Second Division establishment
would have resulted in the creation of two more Divisions staffed by something like six Second
Division officers at an estimated additional annual cost of $ 151,680. The figure of 37 does not
include the 6 positions which would have been required. C i. Y.. ST~
: s

The Prime Minister today, in response to
questions about the upward re-classification of
senior positions in his Deoartment, said that the
re-organisation recognised the increasingly onerous
burdens borne by senior officers and aligned the
Department's structure with those of other major
Commonwealth Departments such as the Treasury and
Defence. He also said that he did not see the
re-organisation as setting a precedent as he was
not aware of any other area of the Service which could
demonstrate the changes in responsibilities of his own
Department, but that this, of course, was a matter for
the Public Service Board to determine under its
statutory powers.
14 February 1977 S' 3G"' ; 5 I ' 4.

Transcript 4321