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Fraser, Malcolm

Period of Service: 11/11/1975 to 11/03/1983

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Release Date: 14/03/1976

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 4081

BROADCAST: -3HA 3XY 14 March 17(
3YB 18 March 17(
FOR PRESS 14 March 1976
Next Saturday, Victorians cast votes to decide what kind
of Government they want over the next three years.
This year the choice will be perhaps more crucial
than it has ever been.
Australia is once again poised to take advantage of our great
natural wealth. We are poised on the threshold of an
era where every Australian has a decent chance to get down
to the business of living a better standard of life.
But this will not happen if our national household budget is
out of order. It will not happen if our economy is weak,
listless and without real chance of growth.
At the moment, most of our efforts are aimed at reviving
the economic corpse we inherited.
on this point let there be no doubt that for our economic
management to work as effectively as it should, the national
Government needs the support of all State Governments.
We are not just looking for token assistance but for real
interaction and encouragement at both ministerial and
departmental level.
I know we will get just that support from Dick Hamer. ./ 2

We also believe that State Governments have a crucial
role to play if Australians are to be allowed to shape the
course.. of their own lives, without interference from
' big brother'.
Todayi Australians have a genuine choice in the kind of
Government they want. They have genuine alternatilres.
The choice is guite simple. It rests between the centralist
socialist policy of Mr Whitlam's and Mr Holding's Party
and the Federalist policy of the Liberal Party. In other
words, it is a choice between more and more government control
and dominance and less central Government control.
Labor beli. eves that all Government power should be placed in
the hands of a few men. They believe Government should have
greater control over individuals lives. Labor has tried to
destroy the role of the States and has even attempted to
exercise central control over local governments.
Labor also tried to destroy the Senate the very instrument
the Constitution established to protect -the States.
on December 13 last, Australians categorically told Labor
what they thought of these and other philosophies.
Next Saturday, Victorians have the same opportunity.
During the recent campaign opening for Dick Hamer in
Melbourne I said that the Liberal Party's Federalismn Policy
will be the strongest guarantee that irresponsible attempts
to centralise all power in the hands of a few men will never
happen again.
Let me stress that point tonight. My Government is deeply
committed to the principle that decisions affectIng local towns,
suburbs and cities must be made by the Government on the spot.
Canberra should not meddle with power hungry hands where local
knowledge and talents can do the job so much better.

Of course, what is needed here is not just a patch-up of
the currently degenerated Federal system. We must create
a political and social climate where the growing demands
of groups and individuals can be heard. People must be able
to participate in a meaningful way in the democratic process.
For these reasons, your vote next Saturday will count, it
will have meaning.
Through the ballot box you can express your opinion as to
the type of State Government you want. You can make a
choice between two opposing philosophies. You can decide
between more Government control or less Government control.
You can opt for socialism. Or you can opt for a Party whose
view of Government is that it should create a society and an
environment where individuals may best fulfill themselves.

Transcript 4081