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Transcript 4060

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet - Changes

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Fraser, Malcolm

Period of Service: 11/11/1975 to 11/03/1983

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Release Date: 18/02/1976

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 4060

Consequent upon the Government's decision to increase the emphasis on program review, moves are being made in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to discontinue the separate existence of the Priorities Review Staff and to create within the Department a new Division - the Projects Division - to concentrate on program review. The Division, as well as reviewing Government policies and programs, will provide support for ad hoc bodies appointed by the Government to conduct major program reviews or policy examinations, including some currently in progress, and will also service the Planning and Co-ordination Committee of Cabinet.

In association with this change, other changes are being made in the Department's structure. The Policy Co-ordination Unit will be terminated and policy co-ordinator will largely lie within the responsibility of existing Divisions of the Department and the Projects Division.

Mr. Austin Holmes, the Director of the Priorities Review Staff, will become Consultant Economist to the Department, replacing Professor Gruen who is returning to the Australian National University in early March. Mr Holmes  appointment will not affect his work on the Medibank review on which he is now engaged.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
18 February 1976


Mr. Austin Holmes will be Consultant Economist to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet on  a full-time basis ( Professor Gruen was part-time). Mr. Holmes will be assisted by the Consultant Economist Branch in the Department, which will be headed by Dr. C. Selby Smith.

The Projects Division will be headed by Mr. M. H. Codd as First-Assistant Secretary. Mr. Codd was formerly First Assistant Secretary in charge of the Development Division.

The Acting Director of the Policy Co-ordination Unit, Mr. J. D.. Enfield, will become First Assistant Secretdry in charge of the Development Division.

The Projects Division, the Development Division and the Economic Division of the Department all fall under the general supervision of Mr I. Castles ( Deputy Secretary).

Mr. Castles has resumed full-time in the Department as Deputy Secretary, and will continue chairmanship of the Income Security Review on a part-time basis. Dr. M. Keating from the Departmentt of Environment, Housing and Community Development will become Deputy Chairman of the Income Security Review, also on a part-time basis.

In other top-level changes being made in the Department at this time, Mr. K. W. Pearson will transfer to First Assistant Secretary, Welfare Division, anda Mr. R. Pyke to First Assistant Secretary, Operations Division.

Transcript 4060