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Photo of Whitlam, Gough

Whitlam, Gough

Period of Service: 05/12/1972 to 11/11/1975

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Release Date: 14/06/1974

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 3298

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The Australian Government will provide financial
assistance to enable the Nimrod Theatre Company to establish
a permanent theatre in Sydney.
The Government has approved a grant of $ 123,64r
to the company to help pay the cost of its new theatre
in Elizabeth Street, Sydney.
The Minister for Tourism and Recreation,
Mr Frank Stewart, has approved the grant after receiving
advice from the Australian Council for the Arts.
The money has been provided under the Capital
Assistance program of the Department of Tourism and
Recreation for recreational projects. The Nimrod Theatre
Company, a non-profit organisation, was formed about
4 years ago to provide alternative theatrical activities
to those provided through established companies.
In 1972 it gained the use, on a
rent-free basis;' of an old salt and tomato sauce factory
in Elizabeth Street, Sydney, to replace its small and
inadequate premises in Darlinghurst. The company has
refurbished the building at a cost of $ 204,000.
It has raised about $ 75,000 towards this by public appeal.
The Government grant will pay the balance owing
for the refurbishing.
The grant represents an expansion of the Government's
capital assistance program for recreational projects as
these have primarily been given in the past for sporting
and similar activities. I
The Nimrod theatre will provide a valuable
recreational facility for people in Sydney, especially
those in the inner suburban area. / 2

The grant will encourage a group of enterprising
theatre people who can be relied upon to provide valuable
community theatre services.
The Nimrod Theatre provides an opportunity for
the Department of Tourism and Recreation to give its
Capital Assistance Program a wider perspective and to
emphasise the importance of all forms of recreation.
The Department of Tourism and Recreation
will continue to co-operate with the Australian Council
for the Arts in providing cultural facilities for all
the Australian people.
The Nimrod Theatre is especially deserving of
assistance as it has pursued an adventurous artistic
policy, both in relation to established works and
experimental the tre.
It has won the respect of the theatrical
profession and rapidly growing support from the public.
The Australian Council for the Arts already
provides aid for the employment of professional theatrical
people for the theatre and for production costs. Its
grant this year has increased from $ 39,000 to $ 75,000.
( Note o Press Gallery:
The PM and Mrs Whitlam are attending a performance
at the Nimrod Theatre tonight. They will be available
for photographs with the cast of the current production
abou: 8 p. m.)

Transcript 3298