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Transcript 2929


Photo of Whitlam, Gough

Whitlam, Gough

Period of Service: 05/12/1972 to 11/11/1975

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Release Date: 17/05/1973

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 2929

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Th P i e i is e a d Mi is e f r Fo e gn A fa r
today announced that Australia would contribute $ 250,000 to
assist Zambia in its efforts to develop import-export routes
alternative to those formerly operating through Rhodesia.
Mr Whitlam said that in making a contribution,
Australia was joining Britain, Canada, New Zealand and other
0 countries who are assisting Zambia in its urgent need for
transport facilities. Mr Whitlam said the Commonwealth Sanctions Committee
meeting in London today was being informed of the Australian
contribution. Two special assistants of President Kaunda visited
Canberra in April to give first hand details of Zambia's
position and its requirements for a variety of transport,
communication and other equipment.
Mr Whitlam said details of the form of the
contribution will be determined in consultation with the
Zambian authorities and other members of the Commonwealth
Sanctions Committee.

Transcript 2929