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McMahon, William

Period of Service: 10/03/1971 to 05/12/1972

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Release Date: 14/06/1972

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 2622

FOR PRESS: PM. No 62/ 1972
Issued at the Conclusion of State Visit to Malaysia by the Prime
Minister of Australia, The Rt Hon. William McMahon, CH, MP.
14 June, 1972.
The Prime Minister of Australia, The Rt Hon. William McMahon,
M. P. macde an official visit to Malaysia from 11-14 June, 1972
at the invitation of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Haji Abdul
Razak. Mr. McMahon was accompanied by the Assistant Minister assisting
the Prime Minister, The Hon. J. D. M. Dobie, M4. P., and by Senior
officials of the Australian Government.
During his stay, fir. McMahon held detailed discussions with
Tun Haji Abdul Razak, with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of
Home Affairs, Tun Dr. Ismail, and with the Minister of Finance,
Tun Tan Siew Sin.
Mr. McMahon visited the Headquarters of the Integrated Air
Defence System and Units of the Royal Malaysian Air Force and the
Royal Australian Air Force stationed at Air Base Butterworth.
He also visited the Air Traffic Control and Aircraft Fire and
Rescue Training Centre at Subang Airport, to which Australia is
contributing under the Colombo Plan, the Rubber Research Institute
of Malaysia and the National Operations Room.
He attended a security briefing at the Royal Malaysia Police
Headquarters. The Prime Minis te rsdiscus sed a wide range of international,
regional and bilateral Questions. Their discussions, which were
conducted in a warm and friendly atmosphere, underlined the close
identity of views which exist between the two Governments, their
strong coimmon interest in international and regional co-operation,
and their commitment to the objectives of peace, stability and
progress for the South East Asian region. / 2

The Prime Ministers exchanged views on the effects of President
Nixon's recent visits to Peking and Moscow upon developments and
future prospects in Asia. They expressed the hope that the current
international trend towards conciliation and detente among the
major powers would continue, and that peace and security in the
South-East Asian region would be reinforced. They also reviewed the
situation in Indo-China and agreed on the need for continued efforts
to end the present conflict and bring about a just and peaceful
settlement. Tun Haji Abdul Razak gave Mr. McMahon a detailed and
comprehensive account of recent developments in regional co-operation
in which Malaysia has played a leading role. These developments
include the Kuala Lumpur Declaration, which Tun Haji Abdul Razak
described as an important first step towards regional peace and
security through the neutralisation of South-East Asia.
Mr. McMahon confirmed that the Malaysian Government goal that
South-East Asia should be a zone of oeace, freedom and neutrality
under effective international guarantees is entirely consistent
with the policies of his Government and welcomes the declaration
as a regional initiative directed towards peace and stability in
Asia. The Prime Ministers agreed the common objective of the two
Governments was the creation of conditions of peace, security and
independence in the area in which the work of regional co-operation
and national development can go forward.
In the field of defence, the Prime Ministers agreed that the
Five Power Arrangements provide a framework for close and effective
co-operation which is of value to both Governments. The Prime
Minister of Malaysia assured the Prime Minister of Australia that
the continuing presence of Australian forces, both land and air,
in Malaysia-Singapore in the context of the Arrangements is welcomed
by the Malaysian Government and contributes to defence and confidence
in that area.
The two Governments have no differences under the Five Power
Arrangements. Mr. McMahon reaffirmed that Australia would at all
times honour its obligations.
The Prime Ministers agreed that there was a firm basis for
friendship between the two countries stemming from historical
associations, from shared values and ideals and from a wide range
of current mutual interests.
With respect to economic co-operation between the two countries,
Tun Haji Abdul Razak welcomed the continuance of Australian aid
which is making a steady and continuing contribution to Malaysia's
economic development in accordance with the objectives of the Second
Malaysia Plan.
Among the projects now in hand are the East-West highway from
Telupid to Ranau in Sabah which will be completed this year, the
location survey and design of roads in West Malaysia from Segamat
to Kuantan and Gopeng to Ringlet, the provision of a number of
bridges in Sarawak and of a dredge for the Port of Kuching, / 3

assistance to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development
Institute, and the provision of exverts under the Colombo Plan in
various fields, including Civil Aviation.
The Prime Ministers discussed a number of additional projects
in which it was suggested that Australia might participate. These
include the Pahang River Basin study and assistance to Mardi in
pasture and fodder research. -Mr. McMahon said that serious
consideration would be given to these matters on his return.
Mx. McMahon also discussed with Tun Haji Abdul Razak and with
Tun Tan Siew Sin ways and means of improving trade and private
investment links between the two countries. It was the common
desire of the two Governments that these links should be further
strengthened and developed. It was agreed that further study of
these matters would be made by their respective Departments of
Trade and Industrv.
The Prime Ministers agreed that Malaysia and Australia would
continue to be partners in development.
The Prime Ministers noted the many close associations which
exist between Malaysia and Australia, not only at Governmental level,
but also through contacts between students and scholars,
universities and writers, experts and technicians, businessmen and
tourists, and in many professional and other fields. They reaffirmed
the strength of the friendship and goodwill hetween their two
Governments and peoples.
Tun Haji Abdul Razak accepted an invitation from Mr. McMahon to
make an official visit to Australia at a time to be decided at a
later date.
Mr. McMahon expressed his sincere gratitude for the warm welcome
and hospitality so graciously provided to him and his party by the
Government of Malaysia.
CANBERRA, 14 June, 1972.

Transcript 2622