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Transcript 2199


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Gorton, John

Period of Service: 10/01/1968 to 10/03/1971

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Release Date: 15/03/1970

Release Type: Correspondence

Transcript ID: 2199

PMK NO. 40/ 1970
The Prime Minister, Mr John Gorton, has despatched
two messages in relation to the opening of EXPO 70 in Osaka, Japan,
today ( Sunday 15 March).
The cables were as follows-
To the Prime Mnseof Japan:
" tM y G overnment and the people of Australia
send their congratulations and warm good wishes to
Japan for the opening of EXPO 70 in Osaka.
We wish you every success with the first world
exposition in the Asian region. Australia is proud to be
among the 78 nations contributing to this -markable
international presentation of man's achievements and
aspirations for the future.
We are confident the Exposition will be a notable
event, and that it will live long in the memories of all
who are fortunate enough to see it."
To the Australian EXPO Sta~ ff~
" M y w armest good wishes go to all associated
with the Australian exhibit at EXPO 70. Thank you for
working so hard and so enthusiastically to give us a
pavilion of which we can be proud.
you have a responsible task in the weeks ahead.
I know you will represent us well, and that throughout
the period of EXPO our pavilion will be a credit to
Australia. Good luck, and every succ~ ess at Osaka."
CANBERRA, March 1970

Transcript 2199