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Transcript 216

P M. No 32/1960 - Educational Teams

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Menzies, Robert

Period of Service: 19/12/1949 to 26/01/1966

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Release Date: 14/09/1960

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 216

The Prime Minister today announced a further development in Australian participation in the Scheme of Commonwealth Co-operation in Education formulated last year at the Oxford Conference.

Preparations are at present being made for two educational survey teams to visit some of the Commonwealth countries and territories of Africa. These teams, each comprising three prominent educationists, will study at firsthand the problems of educational development in these countries. They will spend approximately six weeks abroad and on their return will advise how, in relation to our resources Australia can best assist education in the countries visited.

The members of the teams are as follows

To visit East African countries: Mr. D. H. Tribolet, Director of Education, Tasmania, Mr. O. E. Nilsson, Chief Inspector of Technical Schools, Victoria, and Mr. H. E. Hughes of the Commonwealth Office of Education.

To visit West African countries: Mr. H. A. Dettman, Deputy Director of Education, Western Australia, Mr. T. R. M. Sloane Assistant Director of Education, New South .Wales, and Mr. J. S. W4alker, Superintendent of Technical Schools, South Australia.

The Prime Minister said that he wished to record his appreciation of the way in which the States were co-operating by making available the services of these senior officers, He said that Mr. G. K. D. Murphy, Deputy Director-General of Education for Queensland, and Mr. J. M. Carswell of the Department of Technical Education, New South Wales, had recently visited Fiji and the British Solomon Islands on similar types of mission. The information gained from these v4sits was already proving most valuable, and it was anticipated that this will also be the case with the visits to Africa.

14th September, 1960.

Transcript 216