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More Labor Party Confusion On Tax Cuts And Family Tax Benefits

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Howard, John

Period of Service: 11/03/1996 to 03/12/2007

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Release Date: 17/05/2004

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 21278

The Australian Labor Party has demonstrated further ineptitude and confusion over its position on tax cuts and family tax benefits.

The Shadow Assistant Treasurer, David Cox, is today reported as saying that the second round of tax cuts in 2005-06 and the family tax benefits could be looked at. He went on to say #8220;It is possible to look at the structure of the family tax benefits and the tax changes. It';s not like all that money is quarantined.#8221;

The implication from Mr Cox is that if he has his way, some families and hard-working Australians will not receive every dollar of relief promised by the Government.

This represents a direct contradiction to the announced position of the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Latham, who, on at least four occasions, has said that Labor will support the Government';s tax cuts.

When specifically asked on the AM programme on 12 May whether Labor will support the two stages of tax cuts, Mr Latham said #8220;We';re supporting those through the Parliament.#8221;

On Friday, when asked whether Labor would be supporting the family tax package Mr Latham likewise committed to #8220;pass it through the Parliament.#8221;

Mr Cox';s contradiction of his leader comes hot on the heels of Mr Crean';s disagreement with Mr Latham over his inability to guarantee that every Australian would get a tax cut.

The abject confusion that exists between the Opposition Leader and the Shadow Treasurer #8211; and now the Shadow Assistant Treasurer - highlights the complete lack of credibility of the Australian Labor Party when it comes to managing the nation';s budgetary affairs.

Sound and sensible economic management is of vital importance to hard-working Australians.

Labor';s economic record is condemned by budget deficits and high interest rates. Its latest performance and the squabbles between its key economic spokesmen add to the case that it is not fit to govern.

Transcript 21278