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Gorton, John

Period of Service: 10/01/1968 to 10/03/1971

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Release Date: 14/06/1968

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 1885

General Suharto, President of the Republic of Indonesia, and the
Rt. Hon. J. G. Gorton, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia,
completed their discussions today. The two leaders expressed their pleasure
at the basic goodwill, friendship and good neighbour spirit between the two
countries. They welcomed the continuing development of close and co-operative
relations between the Governments of Indonesia and Australia, and the growth of
contacts between their peoples in a wide variety of fields.
The two leaders discussed the problems facing their respective
countries and the objectives they each sought, and declared their interest in the
stability and progress in Asia and the Pacific were prerequisites to world peace,
and that developments in the region affected the vital interests of both countries.
They agreed that their two countries should co-operate closely with each other
for the attainment of these objectives. They also agreed that the leaders of the
two countries should have frequent consultations concerning the problems of the
area. Having reviewed at length the situation and prospects in South East
Asia, they noted that the strengthening and consolidation of national independence
and integrity was a foremost objective for the countries of the region. Along with
this went a growing senseC of community among the nations of the region and a
growing movement toward regional co-operation, embracing wide areas of
national life. Regional co-operation was both an expression of national
independence and a means of supporting that independence. They noted that an
environment of economic, social and political stability in the region was essential
for the carrying out of sound and constructive national programmes aimed at
raising living standards and meeting the desire of people everywhere for a fuller
life. In this connection the Prime Minister expressed his understanding and
support for the purposes which lay behind the creation of the association of South
East Asian nations. The President expressed his deep appreciation for Australia's
active participation in the inter -governmental conferences on Indonesia and for
Australia's greatly increased assistance in 1968/ 69. He hoped that, within the
framework of economic co-operation, endeavours would be made to increase
further trade between the two countries. The Prime Minister confirmed
Australia's strong interest in Indonesia's economic recovery. He stated that
Australia was prepared to continue its co-operation with Indonesia, to extend
what assistance it could, and to explore the possibilities of increasing tr~ ade
between the two countries.
The two leaders noted and welcomed the growing variety of
cultural contacts between their countries. With a view to stimulating the
further growth of these exchanges and to establishing a deeper understanding of
the history and culture of their respective peoples, a cultural agreement covering
a wide range of activities in this field has today been signed by Mr. Adam Malik,
Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia, and Mr. Max Loveday, Australian
Ambassador to Indonesia. The President and the Prime Minister welcomed the
opportunity provided by the visit to establish personal contact which they agreed
to maintain and strengthen in the future. In this connection the Prime Minister
extended a cordial invitation to t he President and Mrs. Suharto to visit Australia
at a mutually convenient time. The President accepted the invitation with thanks.
The Prime Minister expressed his deep appreciation for the warm and cordial
reccption which he and Mrs. Gorton had received.

Transcript 1885