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Werribee Community Cabinet - Video Highlights Transcript

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Gillard, Julia

Period of Service: 24/06/2010 to 27/06/2013

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Release Date: 09/11/2011

Release Type: Video Transcript

Transcript ID: 18260

Werribee Victoria

This video contains excerpts from the Community Cabinet meeting held in Werribee on Wednesday 9 November 2011. A complete transcript of the Public Forum detailing all questions and answers can be found via the Community Cabinet links on the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet homepage

Footage of the school, students, Community Reception, members of the public mingling, music and entertainment.

Narrator: On the 9th of November a Community Cabinet meeting attended by a very large audience was held at the Werribee Primary School, in the Prime Minister's electorate of Lalor. Ministers answered questions and discussed issues on a broad range of topics.

Student: Julia Gillard is coming to our school to have a Cabinet meeting.

Community Member 1: It is a good opportunity and this one of the things the Australian family require. We all feel part of the family.

Lyn Tout, Principal: It is now my great pleasure to introduce the Honourable Julia Gillard, the local member, the member for Lalor and also our Prime Minister.

Prime Minister: I am very pleased to be here in Werribee tonight, at Werribee Primary. I know as the local member in this area and someone who has their home in the west, that for too long people have viewed the west as an area of disadvantage. That's not how we view it. We view the west as an area of opportunity, of great diversity, of community bonds and of strength.

We believe that our job as a Labor government is to ensure that Australia can offer opportunity for all. We are driven to do that. To make sure that opportunity is spread throughout our Nation and we are also driven to ensure that as we spread that opportunity we don't leave Australians behind.

Community Member 2: What directives have you given to your Communications Minister to prioritise broadband rollout on the basis of the greatest need?

Prime Minister: Thank you. It is not the government that makes the decisions about the priority of the rollout. It's actually the National Broadband Company, the NBN Co.

Community Member 3: I'd like to congratulate you all for the climate change and the carbon tax debate that you've had the backbone to stand up to the rest of the country on. I think it's incredible.


Community Member 4: Can the Federal Government influence the Victorian State Government to invest in the National economy by building the West Link project?

Anthony Albanese MP: So, can we control everything? No. We can't have centralised planning from Canberra, for what are quite rightly state and local government responsibilities. But what we can do is, to link funding to getting those proper planning processes right and that certainly is what we are doing in practise and intend to do more of in the future.

Community Member 5: We can have our say and see what the issues are locally and nationally

School Students: Because she (the Prime Minister) is our local member, it's nice to see her around and doing things for our community

Community Member 6: I think she (the Prime Minister) is doing a fantastic job and I just wish more people would hear the message and agree with that.

Footage of the Prime Minister mingling with members of the public, pans of the Public Forum and one-on-one meetings between ministers and members of the public.

Ends with musical interlude and applause

Footage concludes (3 minutes)

Transcript 18260