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Holt, Harold

Period of Service: 26/01/1966 to 19/12/1967

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Release Date: 08/12/1967

Release Type: Media Release

Transcript ID: 1735

FOR PRESS PM. No. 134/ 1967
Congratulatory messages received In Canberra this
week including one from Fresident Johnson, have highlighted the international
recognition which Australia has achieved with the launching of Its first
satellite VRESAT. Following are-texts of messages from President
Johnson, the American Vice President and Chfairman of the National
Aeronautics and Space Council ( Mr Hubert H. Humphrey) and the US
Secretary of Defense Wir Robert McNamara:-
President Johnson " I was delighted to learn that you have added a
satellite ' launching to the growing list of Australia's firsts.
Its promise shines as brightly as the Southern Cross.
The nations that have known such a triumph
welcome you to their brave company. The peoples of the earth
celebrate your achievement as another milestone in man's
great journey to the limits of the cosmos. are proud to go
with you in peace and hope. Sincerely,
Lyndon B. Johnson."
Vice-President Humphrey " Word that your scientific spacecraft is performing
successfully in orb it is a source of s atisf action to all.
Congratulations and welcome to the space club.
Mr Robert McNamara " The Akdvanced Research Projects Agency sends its
wholehearted congratulations to Australia on the successful orbiting
of Its first spacecraft, Al.' RESAT-1. A. RPA is proud to have been
of assistance in this impressive venture. It Is fitting that Australia's
entry into the space community should be aboard a Redstone rocket
which also boosted the Initial US satellite into space. We are await Ing
with Interest the results of the scientific experiments carried aboard
your spacecraft."
CANBERRA, P December, 1967

Transcript 1735