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The PM and Chris Judd talk footy and climate change

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Rudd, Kevin

Period of Service: 03/12/2007 to 24/06/2010

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Release Date: 11/08/2009

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PM: G'day, I'm here talking to Chris Judd in my office here in Canberra, about what we're going to do to promote climate change among footy fans across the country. And one of the practical things that we're on about is what can you do within your club, and what you can do at home to bring down greenhouse gas emissions, carbon pollution, to do our bit for the planet. So Chris, thanks for extending us a helping hand. You're now our Ambassador for this Green Challenge with the AFL.

JUDD: That's right.

PM: So, tell us a few things that people can do.

JUDD: Yeah look, I think it's just about asking people to make some simple changes to their daily behaviours. Things like turning off your appliances at the switch, catching public transport or riding your bike to the games, or if you do take rubbish, making all your disposals effective- that's a term we have in football, but, you know, putting them in the recycling bin at the ground or taking them home and recycling them there.

PM: Well that's good. So if you're in a club, one of the things that people might be able to think of is how can you bring down your electricity consumption, it saves the bills as well. But putting in some ceiling insulation maybe if there's enough funds around. Maybe thinking about some solar panels. Maybe even thinking about some solar hot water systems for showers and stuff.

JUDD: Yeah, we're just building a new facility. We've received some money from the Federal Government, so thanks for that. But yeah look, we've got solar panels on the roof, we've got rain tanks- I think they're actually aiming to have the centre water neutral, if you like, from the rain we collect. So the club's very aware of the need to make our building as energy efficient as possible, and leave our carbon footprint as small as it possibly can be.

PM: Okay, well listen, thanks for being with us in this. The big challenge for us is making a difference as a Government, and making a difference as a community. Which means that football is such a big part of the community, that all those fans out there,to try and do their bit to make a difference for climate change.

JUDD: Thank you very much, thanks for having me. The Ruddster and the Juddster.

PM: Well, he's the Juddster, he's seriously talented. I'm the Ruddster, and when it comes to football, I am not. But can I say, please get behind this, because it makes a difference. Every single tonne of carbon we can take out of the atmosphere, frankly makes a difference for Australia, and for the planet. Thanks very much folks.

Transcript 16746